07 June, 2011

Why I love this place...

It's Cornwall. It's on the end of England, the closest place you can get to a holiday abroad, in Ye Olde Englande. It's a long drive down, about six hours. It nearly always rains on the journey down, but it's okay because I have the windows wide open and my duvet wrapped around me. You always fall out of the car when you get there because you're so numb. Packing the night before can really not compare to any holiday I've been on anywhere before.
I feel almost numb with excitement, but I'll sleep probably half of the way there. As soon as I see the sea I feel that familiar leap of excitement and tension in the pit of my stomach...will it be as good as last year? Will anything have changed? Am I just dreaming? Fortunately, all of these fears go unfounded :) the first day of zipping up wetsuits (it takes forever, so out of practice) and feeling like a rubber band, until you pound your way across the sand, suddenly full of limitless energy and gazing as far out to see as possible. Then the wierd moment when I'm caught in a limbo of feeling the cold water wash over me, but not feeling it close to my skin as it should be. Then the moment passes and I need to wade out, deep, deep, as far as I can possibly go to catch the biggest waves, the fastest, the strongest. The first one, whilst not the best, is probably the most important, to acclimatise you to the cold and get you back in the swing of things. It's easy to be out there for hours, feeling the cold wind and the washing against your face, catching wave after wave and not noticing how cold or out of breath you are until you eventualy drag your tired body in, across the damp, packed sand reflecting you, trailing your board. You collapse by the towels and the supplies, catch up with everyone else but secretly, even though you're there, you're not really. You can feel the waves pulling at your legs still, feel the buzz in your brain and watch the sea, crashing and hissing endlessly. Your mind is still out there, focused only on the salt and the sea and the damp air. This is why I love Cornwall, the way it makes me feel. The fact that no matter how troubled you are, a couple of hours on your board in the water does the trick, all the time :)

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