23 July, 2011

So here we are!

FINALLEMONT! The summer is upon us! That means an entire month and a half of uniterrupted sleep, wasting time and not thinking about the future.
At least, that's what everyone's telling me. I'm happy about it too, but it's like with everything, like Christmas and birthdays, once it comes round, all the excitement's gone because you struggle to see anything but what happens after it.

19 July, 2011

My ridiculous life!

I know I've over-posted lately, and you're probably getting bored of all these random sentences and such, but I don't care; I actually have something to post about!
So, lately I've come to realise that right now, I'm actually having the best time of my life. Seriously, from about Easter onwards, my life has just been on the total up. Like, I got everything I wanted; all my GCSE Options, getting on to the Ski Trip, getting into various clubs and things...
I've been given LOADS of stuff, getting my boyfriend on holiday with me, going to Kent for a week in the summer to see my lushious Godmother...
Found my slipper boots, am allowed to dye my hair, we're in the last week of term...
Found amazing friends, kept my lovely boyfriend, making so many new friends...
Learning to ignore people who aren't worth my time, getting invited to parties, my hair growing longer...
Going on so many sleepovers and days out, having loads of plans for a change, getting into all the higher academic sets at school...
Life is totally on the up right now, I've been on a high for so long and I just feel...really, really lucky :) for, as far as a person's life goes, periods of time rarely come around like this...where everything is looking prosperous and the things that aren't are easily ignored. When you can look forward to going to bed because you've had a busy day, but look forward to waking up because the next day's going to be pretty awesome too.
Thank you to everyone who's lifted me out of this invisible stupour, the one I'd been walking under for months. If a time like this doesn't come around again for a while (Which I hope it doesn't, because that makes it less special that way...) then I'm going to be reading this post over and over to remind myself how things CAN and DO work out. This makes me so happy, writing all of this positivity. I can guarentee that at some point, I'll read it and want to shoot former-me, preaching, self-righteous, former-me. But until then, I'll leave you with this; it's a picture taken of the back of my friend's head at a recent party I went to :L this is what we do when we're happy; she was spinning and the angle at which the photo was taken makes her hair look AWESOME. If you're wondering, it was WET, not GREASY. So yeah, this is...the back of some chick's head?:L

''If your life was a movie''...

What I had to do was get my iPod, stick it on Shuffle and fill in each musical scene for the story of my life. Should make for interesting reading...

Opening Credits: Call That A Comeback; You Me At Six

Waking Up: Sell Yourself; Blitz Kids

First Day Of School: Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes; Fall Out Boy

Falling In Love: Give Me Everything; Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer

Fight Song: Bang Bang Bang; Mark Ronson & The Business Intl

Graduation: Nasty Habits; You Me At Six

Life's OK: Morning After Dark; Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and SoShy

Mental Breakdown: Feeling This; Blink-182

Driving: Dammit; Blink-182

Flashback: Break The Ice; Britney Spears

Getting Back Together: What's My Age Again?; Blink-182

Wedding: With You; Crystal Fighters

Birth Of A Child: Seven Nation Army; White Stripes

Final Battle: Down; Blink-182

Death Scene: w.a.m.s; Fall Out Boy

Funeral song: Over My Head; A Day To Remember

Ending Credits: Gotta Get Thru This (D'N'D Radio Edit); Daniel Bedingfield

So there you go! Please refrain from commenting on my abysmal choice of music, I know...secret favourites, secret favourites ;D

18 July, 2011

100th post spectac-lee-ur!

So, as you all know I've been writing on this baby for quite some time now and I thought, for my hundreth post, that I'd give a bit of a shoutout to some of the people that actually read it from time to time...and most people who don't, but I'm hoping will start soon ;D So here we go!
The Good;
Michelle Heckles- You were my one firm allience in this farcical tutor group :) you've always stood by me and are continuously supportive, loving and firm when you need to be :)
Jess Blissett- Really sweet, lovely girl who's fantastically clever but still manages to be ridiculously cute...
Nicole Cockburn- absolutely brilliant; continuously supportive to everyone you love, fantastically pretty and really genuine. You never fail to make my day, so glad we're friends :)
Tom Fisher- the brilliant Tom, amazingly clever and good at EVERYTHING. Literally...I envy your brain! You're also really sweet, kind and funny, as well as giving amazing speeches in English lessons :)
Paige Pope- Beautiful girl! Funny, confident, really friendly. Getting to know you better :)
Ellesha Emma Denise Brannigan- cute, pretty, the girl almost everyone wants to be at some time or another :) quietly confident, always perfectly composed :D
Peter Evans- the, if slightly gross, fairly charming and funny guy that is so ridiculously awkward that you never fail to make me laugh :D
Erika Bella Pretorius- Erika, a lovely girl who hasn't always had it easy in life but never stops smiling. Chin up, girl!
George Jackson- fairly well-known, one of the many boy-charmers who my boyfriend is probably having an affair with. Nonetheless, really lovely and funny :) I love your hair!
Jessica Watts- beautiful, even with braces, fantastic at sports and general school- girl, is there anything you can't do?! You're so cool, the girl I wanna be ;D
Caitlin Brine- the cool, unique girl on the bus. You outgrew everyone, you're so maure and educated but as brilliantly funny and witty as ever :)
Akshay Nugent- the cousin I always wanted! Fantastic at singing, dancing, acting...man, you're just wicked :) need to see you soon though!
Daniel Cox- never quite seen eye-to-eye with you, although you are really funny, you always make me smile even if you insult me, because you do it so well! The required amazingness at singing, I am let astounded by you. You're also fiercely loyal to all your friends, which I really respect- hope to become one of them? (Hint, hint ;D)
Shauna Louise Beale- united by abuse and mutual hatred, although now that's faded, I respect your vast bank of insults and confidence :) and you're purdeeee...
Nadia Morris- cute, funny, so clever. I'm always left feeling cheated when you steal my answer in class, but it's cool because you're just so perfect! Ah, I remember the good old days of sitting next to you in Maths :)
Jack Prout- my new-found bus friend! Man, you're brilliant; all this 'love' and 'sweetheart' is truly the way to a girl's heart. Never loose it, Austin Powers! XD
Sam Barber- you and Jack should SO have your own comedy spot. Please, please? You're so naturally funny together and although you and me didn't really get on till recently you're actually really nice, and you're fun to be around :)
Munya Sitsha- my bus-confidante and friend since Year Seven pretty much. Always saying what everyone else is afraid to; you're also never one to be subtle, but that makes you cool :D
Mercy Carter- everyday, I miss you more and more. It's ridiculous, you moving just as we were starting to be friendly. But every day, with the missing you, there comes hope that I'm one day closer to seeing my babe.
Bella 'Jazzy' Day-Langley- although I don't know you that well, you're really funny and kind when it comes to Facebooking, and your pictures are ridiculously pretty.
David Beynon- new friend! We sort of bonded slightly over Hannah Davenport, and you make me laugh so much! This is so eye-opening, I need to be friends with so many people! Be my friend, David :L
Kiera Chambers- you were my best friend a while ago, and you'll always have such a big place in my life. Funny, witty, outgoing but always here and always caring. You're so beautiful.
Fran 'Frab' Thomas- OMG I want your Welsh accent. You, my friend, are a girl of so many talents :D Not to mention being beautiful, you're also rapidly becoming such a good friend. Friday tent-bonding, woo!
Lizzie Harris- of the SSG persuasion :') ahh, a part of my life I'll never forget. Lizzie, you're brilliant! And you're so much more intelligent then you want people to think, but I know, Lizzie, I know!!
Daniel Fuller- just one of the people I regret leaving behind :/ so, so funny :) and you're really cool, you are a proper ''Dude''. Honestly, you're so cool! Never loose that, please?
Hannah Janet Rose- Gorgeous, gorgeous girl! I miss you so much, but I live for our sleepovers :) you make me laugh so much dude,a nd you are getting more and more beautiful every single day. I love you!
Alex Murtagh- the one who gets Charles' girlfriend and Ollie's girlfriend mixed up -.- pretty cool, like me obsessed with uncovering Charles' sexuality but, meh :L also one of his secret lovers. You're funny and cool, wish I knew you better though.
Rory Geeson- I don't even know where to start with your intelligence. You're so far ahead of us all, even Jish, that we can't see you for dust. I think yiu'd be such a good person to have a proper discussion with, we should do that sometime!
Millie Robinson- Funny, CUTE, kind, beautiful :) you've grown up so much this past year but you're still MY Millie, the cute, awkward one :) I love you so much, m8.
Charlotte King- with all your perfection, you could so easily be stuck-up but you're NOT, you're the most down-to-earth, funny, original girl I know :) bonded so much last year, over 8EPL and SSG, and you're so beautiful!

The bad (closer);
Luca Nicole- my Bloxorz QUEEN. I'm kicking myself for not realising what an awesome girl you are. I am going to miss you so much when you go, it will tear me in two. I shall think about you every day and maybe if I win Bloxorz too, you'll come back? I love you so much, beaut.
Callum Yates- the charming, infuriating bully that brightens my day :L you are too funny, with your bullying of me, Amber, Nina, Joe, George, Specs and Mrs. Hersh :L if you weren't so cool, I'd probably hate you, but I don't, you're too adorable!
Harry Dudding- I met you purely by chance, but you've rapidly become such a huge part of my life it's unbelieveable. I think that you're one of the coolest people I'll ever meet, and our mutual love of Power Rangers, Pokemon and Nyan Cat makes for one kick-ass friendship. Love you, Dudding.
Jesille Ecat- my enigmatic, awesome Asian m.k 2. You're fantastically funny, pretty and SO LAZY! I want to sleep in your bed again soon, which we must do! Let's get that awesome relationship back, mmkeh?
Rhian Venning- if you don't mind my saying so, one of my best friends actually ;D I'd do anything for you, especially as I know you've had such a hard time of it in general. I think that if you realised how beautiful you were, you might be slightly happier, but not everyone realises it at first...you're absolutely gorgeous, dude!
Josh Cussen- the lemon, Jish, the lemon! You are my English, Physics, Creative Writing and Lemon buddy, and I make you give me awkward hugs :D you're so cool, I love reading your stories too; write one for me? ;D I love you Jish.
Liam Ong Bak Dry- apart from anything, the big brother I never had :) always there for me to cry on, or shout at. You're funny, SO FUNNY, and just full-on brilliant. You mean everything to me, especially with all the stuff you've helped me out with in the past. Full-on love, bro.
Joseph Lukehurst- NERD. But with awesome arms :D one of the boys that I would consider to be one of my best dude-friends, you're really funny and I always end up having such a good time when you're around :)
Sammy Sebastien Prentice- one of my very best friends ever, the great artist and fashion designer, the brilliant all-rounder. So funny, and brave! No joke, my friend, you've got something
that a lot of people haven't :) you are AWESOME, and beauty is fleeting!
Fiona Gorham- So pretty, socially awkward girl that I've come to love as my own :) you're brave, original, unique, entrancing. Your writing and speaking just transport me to different places, you're absolutely fantastic, really. And the only person I know who can pull off those glasses, gah!
Pippa Higgins- gorgeous girl. Simply and purely the best thing in the world, I feel so safe when I'm with you. You're so funny and too posh to swear :P but one of the best things I've received this year, you're so funny and beautiful too! I'd kill to look like you gorgeous. I love you.
Nicole Baddeley- Also known as Most Wanted, this girl, ladies and gentlemen, has a permanent smile on her beautiful face and a kind word for (almost) everyone. You never let anyone get you down, have undying loyalty and respect for those who deserve it and so much beauty it makes me want to cry :D but I'm going to miss you, and hopefully you'll remember me :L
Mimi Oluwande- *WAVES!!* you're one of the only Barts kids that I think is a regular on this thing, gorgeous! Please start your own? It'd make me happy. You are just, simply, a beautiful, beautiful person. I have so much respect for you, you're so happy all the time! And you need to see my dinosaur walk :)

And the Ugly ;D (closest!)
Nina Chen- one of my best things this year. You've been there for me continuously, I don't know what the hell I'd do if you weren't here. The Ace Gang is the best thing to ever happen to me, and you're one of the three people that ALWAYS, ALWAYS makes my life worth living. A purely beautiful girl, I'd do anything for you! I love you!!
Amberly Davis- the ONLY one I know who can discipline me, who shares my love for carrot juice and slogan t-shirts. I've had some of the best nights of my life with you and you mean the world to me. Always funny, always there for me even when I try and push you away. I know you'd do anything for me and the fact that I know this means the most to me; you're so beautiful, I love you so much darl.
Millie Stonebridge- the wunderbar Millie! Oh my God, you make me laugh :) we're the sister the other never had, also shared my best (and worst) moments with you. You've seen me on an all-time-high and so low it's insane, and you STILL love me. That's pure love, right there. Bit stunning, you are. You're my best friend for a reason, girl, you mean more and more to me everyday, I never ever want to even thinka bout loosing you dude. I love you absolutely millions, forever man :D
Wills (my bro; couldn't like the status, lack of Facebook)- the annoying, irritating, cheeky brother that I'd do anything for :) even though I dislike you, I still love you undyingly and you know I'd deck anyone who was mean to you. And yeah, you may be taller...stronger...and older-looking than me...but you're still my baby bro!
My parents- Muvver! I know you guys didn't like this, but you're kind of the Mother and Sister-type Mum that I've come to greatly appreciate :) we have our ups and downs, but in the end we're closer than a lot of people can say they are with their Mums, and you don't know how much that means to me, especially now when I feel like I need you the most :) Farthaaaaar, you're the funniest dude I know :) it makes me happy the way you're in a good mood and that gets me in a good mood. You've made some of my all-time best Quotes of the Day, and for good reason! Funny, sarcastic, opinionated...I've done you proud :)

Thank you to everyone I know and don't, who may read this blog regularly, who may've Bookmarked it on their browser, who I may've made laugh or cry :) thank you to everyone who's kept me going to my hundreth post, and, I hope, far, far beyond. I need this blog more tan it needs me, sure, but I also know that as long as I've got something to say, you guys are all going to read about it :)

16 July, 2011

Identity and masks!

For one of my GCSE options, I'm doing Art, and yesterday I took a trip to two museums in xford to see various different pieces that might inspire me into thinking about what I want to do. Of course, there were various pieces at both museums that I fell highly in love with, and I sketched a few onto the paper that I keep in my shiny new GCSE Art folder. IT HAS A STICKY LABEL! I also found out the theme of our work over the forthcoming years; identity. We have to produce pieces of art through different media (painting, sketching, photography etc.) that conform to the theme of Identity. But isn't it kind of dificult to produce an entire piece of Art about who you are when you don't even know yourself?

I am a LOT of different people. This isn't in a backstabbing, two-faced way, nor in a schizophrenic-y type way either. This is the fact that I cannot be the same people around my parents as I am round my friends; nor can I be the same way around my friends as I can be around my boyfriend; nor can I be the same way around my boyfriend as I am my family; nor can I be the same way around my parents as I am my parents; and thus the circle starts again. I certainly can't be any of those people when I'm by myself either. I am a lot of different things, and the different personalities that I have are like Venn Diagrams; big, big circles overlapping to fit the similaries of myself around everyone. For example, I'm rather funny and quite intelligent. I'm quick-thinking and I've been told that I can be quite engaging when I'm telling a story. But then again, the rest of those big, big circles are left to fit all the things that I don't have in common with myself around different audiences. It's just a bit confusing, really; I'm unsure of what's just ME. Me by myself is normally very angry, and quiet. Me with friends is overexcited, funny and quite loud. Me with my boyfriend is funny and kind, and flirty. Me with my parents is also funny, and witty and story-telling. Me with family is polite, and quiet-ish. If I put all those things in together, I'd probably be sectioned. So I think of them all as my masks. That way, I don't get confused in my head and start being all flirty with my family or overexcited round my parents. Y'see?

15 July, 2011

Apologies and offensiveness?

For everyone reading this, or still reading this, should I say, I am truly sorry that my last post sounded as strong as it did. Bear in mind that this is how my thoughts normally come out, but obviously I didn't realise how strongly I felt about that particular subject until I posted it. So, to anyone I may've offended, I am truly sorry; abortions especially are quite a sensitive topic, and as I said I am aware that there is noting quite like the mother-baby bond in this world; once again, I had absolutely no desire to offend anyone reading this, or to cause upset.
On the other hand, I'm not flattering myself thinking that enough people read my last post to BE collectively offended, therefore making this apology worthwhile, or indeed that the number of people possibly offended, which in itsself is debateable- how many people DID get offended, if any?- have any desire to read my blog for there one. So in reality, this post is teetering coquettishly on the line of worthwhile and...not worthwhile.

An eye for an eye; a noose for a noose?

Surprisingly (or not) as it may seem, I'm dead against (no pun intended) the death penalty. For some reason (and I cannot possibly think what that may be), it just screams 'hypocrisy afoot!'. If someone did something bad enough, like murder, to be sentenced to murder themselves, then surely the executioners must be put to death for killing as well? If murdering is illegal (because the death penalty IS murder after all, whatever way you choose to look upon it) then surely legal murder is a paradox, therefore creating this aching gap in our legal system? The death penalty was last used in France in '77, and I'm not entirely sure what the circumstances were but the point is that this hypocritical, desperately flawed and ultimately pointless system was still scrapped for a reason. As far as I know, and I have this on good authority, the only thing it's in place for nowadays is treason; i.e plotting to somehow overthrow the government or the Royal Family, or, if you're feeling particularly cheeky and delightfully disobedient, both. However, this is bordering on terrorism so it's understood, I suppose. Yes, I'm a Royalist and I'm proud, dammit, proud! To conclude, don't bring back the death penalty, it's so ridiculously, fantastically, whimsically stupid that enforcing it would, really, be a joke. Save all of that for the people who really matter, and concentrate your combined efforts (if you possibly can...) on something like ridding our education system once and for all of this ridiculous idealogical influence. The world sucks, we know this already; we don't like being lied to!

However, saying all this, I still believe that abortion is a necessary evil, as it were. I mean, what's the point in giving birth to a perfectly innocent child if you don't have the time, attitude orappropriate circumstance to care for them properly? A baby deserves love, attention and care; if they lack one of those things then problems occur, and of course by this stage, maternal instincts usually kick in and it's evermore heartbreaking when you realise that you can't do well enough to support this new love of your life. Now, I know what you're thinking and certainly, there could be some pro-lifers out there who are reading this with rising, insurmountable anger, and I state that I have absolutely no wish to cause offence here. But really? There is a cut-off point for aborting a baby, and that's the key point; when the foetus, the bunch of cells feeding off the right nutrients in your body develops into an actual human being, about 24 weeks; that is the cut-off point for aborting a baby because by then, there's the chance it could still live. Anything earlier is simply underdeveloped. I know what some of you must be thinking; how could she possibly know? She's never been pregnant. And, you're right, I'm fourteen years old, a mere child myself; what could I possibly know about the maternal instincts and heartbreaking emotions attatched to carrying a child inside your own body for nine months? What could I possibly have to say that could change the opinion of a well-versed mother, passionate about her children (because really, who wouldn't be eventually? It's beautiful, I abstain from denying that)? And the answer is; nothing. Absolutely nothing. The most I can have to offer you is that a foetus cannot feel pain; it is not murder, if it's a bunch of undeveloped cells. I didn't ask anyone to agree with me, as I realise that I probably have very little to back up my case, considering my crucial lack of experience, and indeed, if some day I do have children (touch wood) my viewpoint may indeed change. This is just my personal opinion.
Really, I suppose, it's not surprising that my opinion on the death penalty and my opinion on abortion differ so much; one is murder, the other isn't.
But hey, no-one asked you to believe me. I'm just saying what most teenagers don't really think about, it's what I do...

11 July, 2011


To coin a readily-made phrase in my status, I love secrets. They're just the best thing ever. It's like you have access to an entire new world beneath the superficial surface of everyone you kow. It makes people a lot more interesting, watching them lie. You could be quite happily bumbling along minding your own, when all of a sudden, you're told something by someone so incongruous-looking...it literally shakes up my world. And that's why I love it! Variety, goshdarnit! I mean, some of the most delicious words to hear are, ''Can you keep a secret...?''. Now, don't go thinking I'm getting joy out of other people's misery if the secrets are horrible, becasue that kind of kills my secret-buzz slightly, ties an invisible weight round my neck, but I don't mind really beacsue at least that person isn't carrying the full burden anymore. No, I'm talking about someone telling you who they fancy, or doing something naughty like getting drunk in secret or something. I'm talking about staying up all night the day before your sister's wedding, or taking really embarrassing photos and making them public by accident. You know what I mean, the benign, gossipy things that us human-folk feed off relentlessly. It's ridiculous, really; I thought I'd have slightly more sophistication than THAT, but obviously not. At the end of a very long teenage day, readers, dear readers, all of us thrive on meaningless gossip, and rumours and such. It's not the way the world should be, granted, and more often than not I resist, I only succumb when it's something good ;D
But even you guys have to admit that, really, secrets are a fantastic invention...

09 July, 2011


Aha, so I have the bestest group of friends ever, yes? Well, yes. I do. But, damn, I shot some puppies to get there. Oh, you know what I mean; I've finally found a few decent girls who love ME for ME, wierdness included. But then, that always means that I'm treading on other people's toes. It is so not okay to just start hanging around with a newly-acquainted best friend. There are routines to conform to, certain places to meet. And if I ever see them around school, there's a marked lack of spontaneity from all of them, best-friend-in-question included. You know, sometimes you just get bored of your best friends coming up to you and saying, 'Oh, such and such was crying beacsue they thought you hated them' and, 'She hates you because you've stolen all her friends' and such. I mean, COME ON. We're not in primary school anymore! I get fifteen people a day telling me they hate me, I just smile and move along. But I don't hate any of them! Just because I absolutely love their friend, doesn't mean I don't love THEM too! I never ignore any of them, or leave them out. The only time I get nasty is when the bitching starts; heh, story of my life right there.

04 July, 2011

Diary of a Slut- Day One.

I genuinely don't know why I'm starting this diary- to get stuff off my chest, I think...an how! I have a boyfriend who doesn't appreciate me, a spasmodic lover who really is having his sexual cake an eating it, as well as the usual assortment of admirers. I suppose it doesn't really help my case, being all 5'9'', redheaded, doe-eyed beauty as I am. Because, come on! You have to be honest about these things. No point lying so obviously- just makes people hate you even more.

So, hi. I'm Lisa Bruno. Well, Lisa Marie Antoinette Jisella Bruno to be totally honest- laugh, and I'll deck you. I go to Osbourne School for Ladies in Mid-West Blighty, and I can't really be bothered anymore. Fifteen, sensational and something of a wallflower until I actually grew a decent rack last year. After that? Well, you tend to get noticed rather often- and I can't exactly strap 'em down, can I? Whizz at French, average at German and Latin (Christ knows why I took them up really- Mrs. Medusa hates my guts since my Italian hot-bloodedness took over in the spring and I flipped a desk. Okay, so her name's not really Mrs. Medusa, it's Mrs. Mendosa, but with that offensive '50's perm, she can go suck it). Yeah, English, Maths and Science are all down but Biology can bite me. Hard.

Hate sport but good at it- first and foremost, I'm a sprinter. I hate running but go anyway. Surfing, I used to do all the time when we lived in Devon (till Frank screwed that up big-time), but the whole surfing scene just got on my nerves! I mean, you're chilling on the front bay, chatting to your friends when some greasy-haired pillock of about thirty-five and all his douchebag mates come over and start hitting on you when they notice your surfboard in the sand. It's like, no, I'm twelve, you perv. Hush.

But apart from that, life's pretty sweet, yeah- all the lads from St. Edward's up the street seem to have no problem with me...or my legs, come to that. Specially not now that summer's coming up. I go to the outdoor pool of a weekend, nothing special, you know? Just sat there casually in my one-piece when some idiot I spot in the corner of the pool is staring bug-eyed with all his mates. And they think I don't notice...yeah, well there's a reason these Ray-Bans are reflective, douches.

Introduction to mah creativity,,,

I've started writing somewhat of a story, I guess. It's a little bit chicklit, in the style of Lousie Renisson (Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging...) and I thought I'd better let you guys all know. The characters are NOT based on real people, the lead character is not based on me in any way other than that she's a female teenager; I've trie to make her as opposite to me as possible. We share a few hobbies but nothing really similar; I was struggling for inspiration.
So yeah. I hope you guys enjoy.
Without further ado, I present to you...Diary of a Slut! :L

03 July, 2011

Yeah, I know.

I realise that it's probably against the law to post as much as I have been doing recently; that last one was thrased out at my best friend's house when everyone else was still sleeping :L I guess I'm just doing that thing where I've got a lot to say at the moment. Oh yeah, believe it or not but I've actually been having a bit of an expressive draught lately, which really sucks for creative types like me. No irony intended. The only problem is, I rarely have a subject worth talking about. I'll just give you the low-down on my life right now, as it goes.
Okay. So, still fourteen, still blonde, still moody. Not so much into eyeliner anymore, though, or black. Oh, yeah, I was into black an awful lot. Even good ole' Manson seems a little bit stale now. No, I'm more relaxed now; I've hit a happy middle. I'm into mascara, lip balm, little bit of eyeliner at the corners, or 50's style if it's a summery day. I like wearing denim shorts and slogan t-shirts, or cropped trousers and bright tops. I also love dresses, and bikini's, with boardshorts or whatever. Also, I'm making a lot of plans for my room; sometime soon we're re-doing it and I'm kind of looking forward to it :) I've made a lot of plans and I've sourced things like vintage stuff cheaply, and I've planned to do jobs in the summer and hopefully do a babysitting course to raise the money. I'm on fire in Textiles, I'm currently making bunting out of scrap material, with reverse applique in clashing colours and patterns. Chh'yeah. And my Mum has the last week of the holidays booked off so she and I can be creative together, yay! Doing pretty well in school, I swear it's improved since I got my specs though. Oh yeah, I wear glasses now :L they're big and black, my dad hates them but it's cool because I can actually see now! I am short-sighted and I have astigmatism (that's 'astigmatism', not 'a stigmatism' as I previously thought) in my right eye, which is apparently a light-refraction problem but I wouldn't know :D I got lots of lovely new clothes recently as well, and they're all very very pretty. I'm coming out of my shell socially, I've been a little social whirl in the past month or so :D people are still stupid and they still irritate me, I still hate almost everyone. I'm still with my boyfriend (almost sixteen months, weeee!) and I've made an entirely new group of friends. I take lots of pictures still, I'm being friendly a lot of the time but I actually dislike an awful lot of people in my life. I've just spent the majority of today liying listelessly in my room, reading and living on my laptop, as you do; waiting for someone to talk to me.

I don't really think there's much else to say. I've got a pretty good life but right now, I'm feeling distressingly average, although things are hopefully looking up. So yeah.
Also, please, please comment or TweetBook me some decent vintage-y things sites, because I want some stuff xD and furthermore, if anyone has any ideas for wallpaper, I'm all open? (I'm allowed to wallpaper a wall of my room; currently, I'm thinking dinosaurs)...

You friend-stealing, interrupting, backstabbing, confusing...URGH!

Oh my God, you're such a douche! :L as if messing around one of my best friends, totally screwing her over in a huge way wasn't enough, we now find out that you've set your pathetic sights on ANOTHER best friend of mine, just happening to be the best friend of the first girl. I can see why, because it's so easy to get from one to the other, no effort involved. But even though friend B thinks she's safe, she turned down a totally lovely boy because she was too busy on the phone to you. She;s so hopelessly involved with you, whether or not your girlfriend matters to her, because that's what you do, you Lead. People. On. I think that you must've been ignored or neglected as a baby because I can't think of another possible explaination for this...whorishness. You know, it's not right; it's not what normal people do. You have a girlfriend who hates us all with an undying passion, sure, but you should heed that, understand why, not be encouraged by it?! You think you're being so crazy, fighting all the stereotypes, throwing your principles out of the window...but you're not. You're a sad, pathetic loser of a teenage boy, and you disgust me. I know I'm friendly with you but it doesn't mean I approve of your stringing various girls along, especially when they're my best friends. They are the sweetest, loveliest, kindest girls you will ever, ever hope to meet, and if you're clever, then you won't mess that up. Look beyond the clotes and the hair and the...boobs. Think about how much it's hurting them, to be told all this amazing stuff one minute and let down so majorly the next. I'm the one there to picj up the pieces that you dropped when chasing the next girl...and the next girl...and the next girl. And okay, my girls could possibly realise that you do have a girlfriend, but often they do and they change their minds before it's too late; when it already IS too late, because you're there, you've realised how interested they are and you've GONE FOR IT. My girls aren't bitches, or whores. Not like you.

01 July, 2011

Chupa mi polla (and drugs)!

It's funny to shout 'Slag!' at me as I walk past every single time, to pick fights, to comment on my glasses, to interfere with my relationship, to call me fat? It's cool to talk down to me, to bitch about me behind my back, to put down my personal achievements, to spread stupid rumour about me? It's clever to talk about me to everyone you know, to take friends from me, to try and hurt me because you're jealous of me? If that's the way you feel guys, then you've got a long, hard life ahead of you. When are you going to grow up and realise that the world doesn't care for all the stupid lies you throw at it, it's fed up of all your drama, it wants to kick you in the stupid bitching face? Just SHUT UP! Why is there so much hatred for me? I could understand if I killed your dogs, or I shaved off your hair or something. I can even understand all this hate if I'd done the same thing to you. But I would never, ever expect it for no good reason which, by the way, is what you've given me; absolutely NOTHING in the way of my deserving this level of various abuse etc.
I just don't understand. Two things;
1) If you're going to try ('try' being the operative word) to make my life a misery, give me a decent reason first? ''You're a slag'' and ''You're too friendly with the boys'' does NOT cut the mustard, I dislike you.
2) Et zwei! You guys NEED better insults! I'm a slag? Yaaay! I'm a whore? Woopedoo! If you want something really original, then look, here, I'll give you one of mine for nothing;
You, my friend, are a worthless, unmajestic, outdated steam train, in dire need of repair and unworthy of the unicorn you so possess! That last bit was bold-ed because it'd be a sure way to make me cry.

In other news, what's the dillio with everyone taking drugs recently?! Okay. I know I sound blase (minus the pretentious accenty-thing on the 'e'. I NEED NO FRENCHISMS.) here but the thing is, drugs properly full-on upset me. If you guys must know, I knew someone once and she has. Done. EVERYTHING. Working her way up from softer stuff, she's done everything; you know how everyone has party tricks? Well, hers is that you can put her in any town/city you like, even ones she's never been to before, and she'll find drugs within the hour if she wants them badly enough. I've been subjected (not openly, but I've been a witness) alongside numerous others, to her blatant drug abuse, and addiction to drugs, alchohol and cigarettes. When we found out that she smoked herion, it's just an example of how low she was, how low drugs had made her, when she justified it by saying, ''It's alright, I only smoke it; I don't inject''. Oh, well that's alright then. Who needs track marks when you've got the lingering scent of it on everything you own? Drugs are disgusting and sad, not to mention illegal. I don't care if all your friends are doing it, your excuse pretty soon will be that your pets are joining in, that's how screwed your mind'[ll be. Mark my words, any drug is bad. It doesn't matter if you become addicted to it or not, even cigarettes and alchohol are detrimental to your health! I can't believe people are so stupid; it's like this age-old war with condoms. You have no idea how many times this year I've heard, ''Oh, we weren't safe because we got carried away''. How many times have we been told that yes, you CAN get pregnant if you use condoms, but the risk is VASTLY, SIGNIFICANTLY multiplied if you don't? It's the same story with drugs; taking drugs and not being an addict doesn't change the factt hat it's ridiculously unhealthy, disgusting and pathetic, not to mention illegal?! Or is the whole aspect of law forgotten when you're inhaling, which, by the way, half of you don't even do. I may not be an expert but even I can tell it's for show when someone holds it to their lips, breathes out instantly and then goes, ''Oh my God, I'm so high''. Direct quote right there. One of the things that scares me the most is how socially acceptable it is. Got a joint? You're cool! Friends with a drug dealer/courier? EVEN BETTER. The point is that it's pathetic, and sickening to see so many of my friends, the people I love, taking this stuff into their still growing, still developing bodies and expecting everything to be fine in the morning. I don't understand how it's normal, it scares me so much
But that's me done for the night, adios, chicas!