15 July, 2011

Apologies and offensiveness?

For everyone reading this, or still reading this, should I say, I am truly sorry that my last post sounded as strong as it did. Bear in mind that this is how my thoughts normally come out, but obviously I didn't realise how strongly I felt about that particular subject until I posted it. So, to anyone I may've offended, I am truly sorry; abortions especially are quite a sensitive topic, and as I said I am aware that there is noting quite like the mother-baby bond in this world; once again, I had absolutely no desire to offend anyone reading this, or to cause upset.
On the other hand, I'm not flattering myself thinking that enough people read my last post to BE collectively offended, therefore making this apology worthwhile, or indeed that the number of people possibly offended, which in itsself is debateable- how many people DID get offended, if any?- have any desire to read my blog for there one. So in reality, this post is teetering coquettishly on the line of worthwhile and...not worthwhile.

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