01 July, 2011

Chupa mi polla (and drugs)!

It's funny to shout 'Slag!' at me as I walk past every single time, to pick fights, to comment on my glasses, to interfere with my relationship, to call me fat? It's cool to talk down to me, to bitch about me behind my back, to put down my personal achievements, to spread stupid rumour about me? It's clever to talk about me to everyone you know, to take friends from me, to try and hurt me because you're jealous of me? If that's the way you feel guys, then you've got a long, hard life ahead of you. When are you going to grow up and realise that the world doesn't care for all the stupid lies you throw at it, it's fed up of all your drama, it wants to kick you in the stupid bitching face? Just SHUT UP! Why is there so much hatred for me? I could understand if I killed your dogs, or I shaved off your hair or something. I can even understand all this hate if I'd done the same thing to you. But I would never, ever expect it for no good reason which, by the way, is what you've given me; absolutely NOTHING in the way of my deserving this level of various abuse etc.
I just don't understand. Two things;
1) If you're going to try ('try' being the operative word) to make my life a misery, give me a decent reason first? ''You're a slag'' and ''You're too friendly with the boys'' does NOT cut the mustard, I dislike you.
2) Et zwei! You guys NEED better insults! I'm a slag? Yaaay! I'm a whore? Woopedoo! If you want something really original, then look, here, I'll give you one of mine for nothing;
You, my friend, are a worthless, unmajestic, outdated steam train, in dire need of repair and unworthy of the unicorn you so possess! That last bit was bold-ed because it'd be a sure way to make me cry.

In other news, what's the dillio with everyone taking drugs recently?! Okay. I know I sound blase (minus the pretentious accenty-thing on the 'e'. I NEED NO FRENCHISMS.) here but the thing is, drugs properly full-on upset me. If you guys must know, I knew someone once and she has. Done. EVERYTHING. Working her way up from softer stuff, she's done everything; you know how everyone has party tricks? Well, hers is that you can put her in any town/city you like, even ones she's never been to before, and she'll find drugs within the hour if she wants them badly enough. I've been subjected (not openly, but I've been a witness) alongside numerous others, to her blatant drug abuse, and addiction to drugs, alchohol and cigarettes. When we found out that she smoked herion, it's just an example of how low she was, how low drugs had made her, when she justified it by saying, ''It's alright, I only smoke it; I don't inject''. Oh, well that's alright then. Who needs track marks when you've got the lingering scent of it on everything you own? Drugs are disgusting and sad, not to mention illegal. I don't care if all your friends are doing it, your excuse pretty soon will be that your pets are joining in, that's how screwed your mind'[ll be. Mark my words, any drug is bad. It doesn't matter if you become addicted to it or not, even cigarettes and alchohol are detrimental to your health! I can't believe people are so stupid; it's like this age-old war with condoms. You have no idea how many times this year I've heard, ''Oh, we weren't safe because we got carried away''. How many times have we been told that yes, you CAN get pregnant if you use condoms, but the risk is VASTLY, SIGNIFICANTLY multiplied if you don't? It's the same story with drugs; taking drugs and not being an addict doesn't change the factt hat it's ridiculously unhealthy, disgusting and pathetic, not to mention illegal?! Or is the whole aspect of law forgotten when you're inhaling, which, by the way, half of you don't even do. I may not be an expert but even I can tell it's for show when someone holds it to their lips, breathes out instantly and then goes, ''Oh my God, I'm so high''. Direct quote right there. One of the things that scares me the most is how socially acceptable it is. Got a joint? You're cool! Friends with a drug dealer/courier? EVEN BETTER. The point is that it's pathetic, and sickening to see so many of my friends, the people I love, taking this stuff into their still growing, still developing bodies and expecting everything to be fine in the morning. I don't understand how it's normal, it scares me so much
But that's me done for the night, adios, chicas!

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