15 July, 2011

An eye for an eye; a noose for a noose?

Surprisingly (or not) as it may seem, I'm dead against (no pun intended) the death penalty. For some reason (and I cannot possibly think what that may be), it just screams 'hypocrisy afoot!'. If someone did something bad enough, like murder, to be sentenced to murder themselves, then surely the executioners must be put to death for killing as well? If murdering is illegal (because the death penalty IS murder after all, whatever way you choose to look upon it) then surely legal murder is a paradox, therefore creating this aching gap in our legal system? The death penalty was last used in France in '77, and I'm not entirely sure what the circumstances were but the point is that this hypocritical, desperately flawed and ultimately pointless system was still scrapped for a reason. As far as I know, and I have this on good authority, the only thing it's in place for nowadays is treason; i.e plotting to somehow overthrow the government or the Royal Family, or, if you're feeling particularly cheeky and delightfully disobedient, both. However, this is bordering on terrorism so it's understood, I suppose. Yes, I'm a Royalist and I'm proud, dammit, proud! To conclude, don't bring back the death penalty, it's so ridiculously, fantastically, whimsically stupid that enforcing it would, really, be a joke. Save all of that for the people who really matter, and concentrate your combined efforts (if you possibly can...) on something like ridding our education system once and for all of this ridiculous idealogical influence. The world sucks, we know this already; we don't like being lied to!

However, saying all this, I still believe that abortion is a necessary evil, as it were. I mean, what's the point in giving birth to a perfectly innocent child if you don't have the time, attitude orappropriate circumstance to care for them properly? A baby deserves love, attention and care; if they lack one of those things then problems occur, and of course by this stage, maternal instincts usually kick in and it's evermore heartbreaking when you realise that you can't do well enough to support this new love of your life. Now, I know what you're thinking and certainly, there could be some pro-lifers out there who are reading this with rising, insurmountable anger, and I state that I have absolutely no wish to cause offence here. But really? There is a cut-off point for aborting a baby, and that's the key point; when the foetus, the bunch of cells feeding off the right nutrients in your body develops into an actual human being, about 24 weeks; that is the cut-off point for aborting a baby because by then, there's the chance it could still live. Anything earlier is simply underdeveloped. I know what some of you must be thinking; how could she possibly know? She's never been pregnant. And, you're right, I'm fourteen years old, a mere child myself; what could I possibly know about the maternal instincts and heartbreaking emotions attatched to carrying a child inside your own body for nine months? What could I possibly have to say that could change the opinion of a well-versed mother, passionate about her children (because really, who wouldn't be eventually? It's beautiful, I abstain from denying that)? And the answer is; nothing. Absolutely nothing. The most I can have to offer you is that a foetus cannot feel pain; it is not murder, if it's a bunch of undeveloped cells. I didn't ask anyone to agree with me, as I realise that I probably have very little to back up my case, considering my crucial lack of experience, and indeed, if some day I do have children (touch wood) my viewpoint may indeed change. This is just my personal opinion.
Really, I suppose, it's not surprising that my opinion on the death penalty and my opinion on abortion differ so much; one is murder, the other isn't.
But hey, no-one asked you to believe me. I'm just saying what most teenagers don't really think about, it's what I do...

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