16 July, 2011

Identity and masks!

For one of my GCSE options, I'm doing Art, and yesterday I took a trip to two museums in xford to see various different pieces that might inspire me into thinking about what I want to do. Of course, there were various pieces at both museums that I fell highly in love with, and I sketched a few onto the paper that I keep in my shiny new GCSE Art folder. IT HAS A STICKY LABEL! I also found out the theme of our work over the forthcoming years; identity. We have to produce pieces of art through different media (painting, sketching, photography etc.) that conform to the theme of Identity. But isn't it kind of dificult to produce an entire piece of Art about who you are when you don't even know yourself?

I am a LOT of different people. This isn't in a backstabbing, two-faced way, nor in a schizophrenic-y type way either. This is the fact that I cannot be the same people around my parents as I am round my friends; nor can I be the same way around my friends as I can be around my boyfriend; nor can I be the same way around my boyfriend as I am my family; nor can I be the same way around my parents as I am my parents; and thus the circle starts again. I certainly can't be any of those people when I'm by myself either. I am a lot of different things, and the different personalities that I have are like Venn Diagrams; big, big circles overlapping to fit the similaries of myself around everyone. For example, I'm rather funny and quite intelligent. I'm quick-thinking and I've been told that I can be quite engaging when I'm telling a story. But then again, the rest of those big, big circles are left to fit all the things that I don't have in common with myself around different audiences. It's just a bit confusing, really; I'm unsure of what's just ME. Me by myself is normally very angry, and quiet. Me with friends is overexcited, funny and quite loud. Me with my boyfriend is funny and kind, and flirty. Me with my parents is also funny, and witty and story-telling. Me with family is polite, and quiet-ish. If I put all those things in together, I'd probably be sectioned. So I think of them all as my masks. That way, I don't get confused in my head and start being all flirty with my family or overexcited round my parents. Y'see?

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