09 July, 2011


Aha, so I have the bestest group of friends ever, yes? Well, yes. I do. But, damn, I shot some puppies to get there. Oh, you know what I mean; I've finally found a few decent girls who love ME for ME, wierdness included. But then, that always means that I'm treading on other people's toes. It is so not okay to just start hanging around with a newly-acquainted best friend. There are routines to conform to, certain places to meet. And if I ever see them around school, there's a marked lack of spontaneity from all of them, best-friend-in-question included. You know, sometimes you just get bored of your best friends coming up to you and saying, 'Oh, such and such was crying beacsue they thought you hated them' and, 'She hates you because you've stolen all her friends' and such. I mean, COME ON. We're not in primary school anymore! I get fifteen people a day telling me they hate me, I just smile and move along. But I don't hate any of them! Just because I absolutely love their friend, doesn't mean I don't love THEM too! I never ignore any of them, or leave them out. The only time I get nasty is when the bitching starts; heh, story of my life right there.

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