11 July, 2011


To coin a readily-made phrase in my status, I love secrets. They're just the best thing ever. It's like you have access to an entire new world beneath the superficial surface of everyone you kow. It makes people a lot more interesting, watching them lie. You could be quite happily bumbling along minding your own, when all of a sudden, you're told something by someone so incongruous-looking...it literally shakes up my world. And that's why I love it! Variety, goshdarnit! I mean, some of the most delicious words to hear are, ''Can you keep a secret...?''. Now, don't go thinking I'm getting joy out of other people's misery if the secrets are horrible, becasue that kind of kills my secret-buzz slightly, ties an invisible weight round my neck, but I don't mind really beacsue at least that person isn't carrying the full burden anymore. No, I'm talking about someone telling you who they fancy, or doing something naughty like getting drunk in secret or something. I'm talking about staying up all night the day before your sister's wedding, or taking really embarrassing photos and making them public by accident. You know what I mean, the benign, gossipy things that us human-folk feed off relentlessly. It's ridiculous, really; I thought I'd have slightly more sophistication than THAT, but obviously not. At the end of a very long teenage day, readers, dear readers, all of us thrive on meaningless gossip, and rumours and such. It's not the way the world should be, granted, and more often than not I resist, I only succumb when it's something good ;D
But even you guys have to admit that, really, secrets are a fantastic invention...

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