03 July, 2011

Yeah, I know.

I realise that it's probably against the law to post as much as I have been doing recently; that last one was thrased out at my best friend's house when everyone else was still sleeping :L I guess I'm just doing that thing where I've got a lot to say at the moment. Oh yeah, believe it or not but I've actually been having a bit of an expressive draught lately, which really sucks for creative types like me. No irony intended. The only problem is, I rarely have a subject worth talking about. I'll just give you the low-down on my life right now, as it goes.
Okay. So, still fourteen, still blonde, still moody. Not so much into eyeliner anymore, though, or black. Oh, yeah, I was into black an awful lot. Even good ole' Manson seems a little bit stale now. No, I'm more relaxed now; I've hit a happy middle. I'm into mascara, lip balm, little bit of eyeliner at the corners, or 50's style if it's a summery day. I like wearing denim shorts and slogan t-shirts, or cropped trousers and bright tops. I also love dresses, and bikini's, with boardshorts or whatever. Also, I'm making a lot of plans for my room; sometime soon we're re-doing it and I'm kind of looking forward to it :) I've made a lot of plans and I've sourced things like vintage stuff cheaply, and I've planned to do jobs in the summer and hopefully do a babysitting course to raise the money. I'm on fire in Textiles, I'm currently making bunting out of scrap material, with reverse applique in clashing colours and patterns. Chh'yeah. And my Mum has the last week of the holidays booked off so she and I can be creative together, yay! Doing pretty well in school, I swear it's improved since I got my specs though. Oh yeah, I wear glasses now :L they're big and black, my dad hates them but it's cool because I can actually see now! I am short-sighted and I have astigmatism (that's 'astigmatism', not 'a stigmatism' as I previously thought) in my right eye, which is apparently a light-refraction problem but I wouldn't know :D I got lots of lovely new clothes recently as well, and they're all very very pretty. I'm coming out of my shell socially, I've been a little social whirl in the past month or so :D people are still stupid and they still irritate me, I still hate almost everyone. I'm still with my boyfriend (almost sixteen months, weeee!) and I've made an entirely new group of friends. I take lots of pictures still, I'm being friendly a lot of the time but I actually dislike an awful lot of people in my life. I've just spent the majority of today liying listelessly in my room, reading and living on my laptop, as you do; waiting for someone to talk to me.

I don't really think there's much else to say. I've got a pretty good life but right now, I'm feeling distressingly average, although things are hopefully looking up. So yeah.
Also, please, please comment or TweetBook me some decent vintage-y things sites, because I want some stuff xD and furthermore, if anyone has any ideas for wallpaper, I'm all open? (I'm allowed to wallpaper a wall of my room; currently, I'm thinking dinosaurs)...

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