03 July, 2011

You friend-stealing, interrupting, backstabbing, confusing...URGH!

Oh my God, you're such a douche! :L as if messing around one of my best friends, totally screwing her over in a huge way wasn't enough, we now find out that you've set your pathetic sights on ANOTHER best friend of mine, just happening to be the best friend of the first girl. I can see why, because it's so easy to get from one to the other, no effort involved. But even though friend B thinks she's safe, she turned down a totally lovely boy because she was too busy on the phone to you. She;s so hopelessly involved with you, whether or not your girlfriend matters to her, because that's what you do, you Lead. People. On. I think that you must've been ignored or neglected as a baby because I can't think of another possible explaination for this...whorishness. You know, it's not right; it's not what normal people do. You have a girlfriend who hates us all with an undying passion, sure, but you should heed that, understand why, not be encouraged by it?! You think you're being so crazy, fighting all the stereotypes, throwing your principles out of the window...but you're not. You're a sad, pathetic loser of a teenage boy, and you disgust me. I know I'm friendly with you but it doesn't mean I approve of your stringing various girls along, especially when they're my best friends. They are the sweetest, loveliest, kindest girls you will ever, ever hope to meet, and if you're clever, then you won't mess that up. Look beyond the clotes and the hair and the...boobs. Think about how much it's hurting them, to be told all this amazing stuff one minute and let down so majorly the next. I'm the one there to picj up the pieces that you dropped when chasing the next girl...and the next girl...and the next girl. And okay, my girls could possibly realise that you do have a girlfriend, but often they do and they change their minds before it's too late; when it already IS too late, because you're there, you've realised how interested they are and you've GONE FOR IT. My girls aren't bitches, or whores. Not like you.

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