15 August, 2011

And I can't, no, I won't hush, I'll say the words that make you blush...

Is it true? Is it true that my blog might be, albeit a little-known corner of whimsy in the Internet, somehow misread offensively, almost 3,000 times (according to my page-view counter)? Do I have to do what almost every other blogger that I've seen does? (And oh yes, I've done my research...and how!) because I don't want to. I look at these other uniform pages of mindless words on the internet, and I just get BORED. I should say, if you hadn't already guessed, that my blog is an absolute reflection of my personality and my being; funny, awkward, little bit frivolous but, all in all, something that you'd do well to learn by ;D No, I joke. But the point I'm trying to make (in my long-winded way) is that I'm truly, truly sorry. I honestly am! Although my presumptions may be overtaking me somewhat, I'd rather look a fool for apologising presumptuously for nothing than swanning through my blog, and the times that I have, simultaneously insulting and irritating my viewers (what little I may have). I do realise that an awful lot of points that I have may be exceptionally strong, sometimes unfairly strong as well...for example, my views on right-wing politics, abortion, Robbo over Banksy...whatever. (That last one is coming up in a next blog post). What I wanted to say was that I AM sorry, for whatever may have offended you. But, likewise...I'm not going to change. Like Ed Sheeran says, I'm not going to stop talking, to stop saying the things that I want to say...the fact is that it's a really, surprisingly rare thing nowadays for people like me to actually have an opinion of their own...to be genuinely interested in things, to be interested in a subject enough to pursue it further...school isn't for losers!

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