02 August, 2011

Marks & Sparks

In this world of much-ado-about-something political correctness, why, I ask myself, is it still being subtly promoted, in my eyes? Well, not promoted as such and this next example IS NOT, repeat NOT racist in any way.
Black people. Fought for civil rights and racial equality since, ooh, the 1700's? Finally fully achieved with the help of Martin Luther King in the '60's. But, then...why is it suddenly okay to have that foisted back on white people? And other ethnic groups...Asians, Pakistani's etc. SOME black people (this is from experience so don't you dare call me racist) think that it's okay to make fun of a white person for our skin colour, they call Asians 'Chinkies' because...well, because they can. Because they knew that if someone apprehended them, heaven forbid a person of a different ethnicity to them, they could stake claims for racism. England and America have tried so hard to compensate for the treatment of black people in the past. It's something that will be etched in our history forever, no matter whether you think it's good or bad. That's just the way things are. But. call a black person out on their use of racist language toward a white person and, normally I'll get, 'But you did it to us so it's only fair!'. Fair? FAIR?! Since when has the world been fair?! Yes, our treatment of them was, in some cases, shocking. But if it hadn't happened, neither nation would be as powerful as it is today, so think on. It's excactly like saying, if you think about it, punching a Frenchman in the face and saying, 'That's for the Battle of Hastings! William the Conqueror can kiss my asphalt!'. Or, like the Japanese kidnapping an American, holding him hostage and then saying, 'We'll let him go if you drop two atomic bombs on your greatest cities'. Things happened. All across the world, things are happening everyday. If we wanted compensation, and gained it, for all of these things then don't you think the world would be a bleak place? Doesn't the Bible, indeed the Lord's Prayer itsself, say, 'Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us'? Now, I'm not overtly religious, but even I know that, since the days of the Bible, times have changed but not as much as to overlook some of the teachings. Except this one, of course...'flipping' political correctness always gets in the way.

To detract from the title somewhat, I was school-uniform shopping in M&S today, don't you know? ;D Buying school shirts, I was. And I couldn't help noticing, as I noticed in Next the other day, that it seems the higher the age on the shirt, the more you have to pay? Well, that's a bit daft really. Shouldn't they all be the same prices? Woe betide you if you've dared to grow in the past year, that's an extra £5 for your trouble, please, squire. And as I said, it's much the same in Next; an average Size Eight dress is, say, £30 (being optimistic, clearly!) whereas, a Size 22 would be £45! I don't know if it's because of extra material costs, or just to discourage people from eating really :L but I disagree with this. Whilst I wouldn't call it discrimination, I do call it annoying. Petty though my observations may be, I can guarentee at least one of you reading this will be tossing and turning in bed tonight, agonising over this; is it really fair? Is it right? What are the reasons behind it? If you're on Google at 3 a.m trying to soothe your fevered brain over a teenager's catty blog post, then I shall eat my hat.

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