05 August, 2011

The one who...

At a request, I've decided to move this on to my blog because, really, for these three girls, there's way too much love and a lot of emotion going into these and Facebook...just isn't really appropriate :) won't do names, just initials.

First, under heavy duress there's M.S. Ooh, that rhymed.
I think that there's a lot to be said for spending 48 straight hours with a chick, creating more memories in the process, being alternatively excessively healthy and gluttonously UNHEALTHY. We stayed up till two am, her educating me on the first three Star Wars films, then both of us darting across her room at random inervals to stick our heads out of the window and gasp in the refreshingly chilly air. We both share common interests, such as dinosaurs, Pokemon, being a bit silly and having awesome friends, yet we have enough differences to provide us with stuff to say, the key ingredient being Marmite. That's a big sparring partner between the two of us. Not to mention the fact that she is beautiful and gorgeously funny, witty and intelligent (because, yes, it IS the minimum requirement for all my friends, just so I don't make them look bad...I JEST!) there's the fact that already she gets on so famously with my Mum, my Dad and my Brother. Why, just last night she felt like part of the family, eating chilli on the floor with us (because we're lazy, not because we're poor), laughing at my Dad, chatting with my Mum and gigling at the bickering going between me and my bother. Hah. hen forcefully spooning me all night, not getting out of bed until her Dad came to the front door and going home in her pajamas. All in all, a good 48 with a very, very good, if not fantasical, beautiful, stunningly attractive best friend.

Secondly, the elusive and fantastical R.V.
I don't just respect her for having one of THE COOLEST surnames I think I've ever heard in my life, ever. I also respect her for dealing with everything. That sounds a lot more dramatic then she'd probably prefer, which is another reason why I love her so; she is never one to make a fuss, always just gets on with things. Occasionally, yes, she'll crack but what teenage girl doesn't? And considering how awesome she is, I think it's pretty fair to say that she's of a really strong character and, although I wouldn't want to try it, I bet I could throw any situation at her and she'd deal with it famously. Another reason is her free-mindedness. That's probably not a totally valid phrase, but what the hell? She is so worth making up a word for! Being in the position that she is, with lots and lots of admirers and friends surrounding her, but some of them being slightly unsable, she's brave to consider everyone's opinions before her own, try her best not to hurt anyone with wha she chooses to do, and always has reasons for doing it. When I was going through a hard time at school, because of one of her friends mainly, she always had a kind word to say to me; we didn't have an overly strong friendship but whatever rapport we did have didn't change because of her friends, which again shows her strength of character, as a lot of people would bend and fold to fit in with the crowd. A final reason? Well, she's beautiful of course. Say what you like about it, but when someone is truly gorgeous in their hearts and minds too, it shines through making them stunning on the outside; which of course, only enhances her hopelessly good looks. She is her own kind of perfection, the kind that works for her. She is perfection that everyone recognises but no-one else possesses. To conclude, this girl never, ever takes her friends, family or looks for granted; she is grateful for everything she gets, always takes the time to help someone who needs it and never puts herself above anyone else. Trustworthy, reliable; she is one of the very first people I'd call if I needed help.

Finallemont! M.N.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she has a rude surname :L I remember in Year Seven when she used to be closer to me, I'd get HOURS of mileage from that. Seriously, it was just...the best thing in the world! At the start of Year Eight we were borderline inseperable. Not even joking, I will always remember the double sleepover we had just before Christmas of '10 (literally JUST before...22nd at mine, 23rd at hers, back at my house at lunchtime on Christmas Eve). We were like sisters, making all our plans for the future, dancing, giggling, having an awesome time. I don't really blame anyone for the change we went through. I think it was a combination of tough times at school, separate personal issues and changes we were both experiencing. We were both developing, changing, growing older and part of that was needing space to see who we could be. I went down the stupid, emo, attention-seeking path for a while. She became a chav for a week (a gorgeous one, even so!). Then we had tension at a time when both of us were happy with our places in school but not with our images. We both changed again. And now? Now we've hit a happy middle; we both repsect each-other, love each-other to pieces still and, even as our looks change, and even though it's probably ancient history to her, I admit that our friendship, that closeness we shared, never left me; it's never going away. She will always, always be like a sister to me and I'm so happy that our lives are slowly merging once more...I feel more confident hanging around her and her friends, we interact more outside of school, our friends are slowly meshing...even if we don't want the other's lifestyle, we'll always have a great deal of respect for each-other, that much I'm pretty certain I can guarentee. What I've noticed happening is the excact same chain of events that lead us to become friends originally. Maybe, and I hope it's true, history is repeating itsself and we'll go through this once again. I hope so, I really hope so. I love her to bits, the funny, gorgeous, beautiful, irreverant girl. Surprising at times, yes, but always with the same familiarity I long to possess; example being that you could go away, not see her for a year and when you came basck things would be excactly how you left them. This girl does not change without a fight and when she does? It's always for her, no-one else.

Okay, done! I'm not doing this for anyone else, you guys aren' special. No, I kid, comment if you want one ;)

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