27 August, 2011

The word ''prejudice'' is thrown around a LOT these days...

If I called someone a 'massive gayer', would it make me a homophobe? If I admitted that yes, okay, I once had a nightmare about midgets coming to get me and ever since they've freaked me out slightly, so I can't watch 'Seven Dwarfs' without breaking out in a cold sweat...would it make me discriminatory towards the vertically challenged? The thing that sparked off this post was the little ID verification thing. You know, if you want to send an email or something, then the computer will get you to type out the random letters and numbers that you see, just so that they can check you're not a spammer; computers cannot recognise the blurry shapes and colours of the characters in the way that humans can. But anyway; have you ever noticed that, next to the handily-placed text box in which you type your answer, there's a little icon. This icon symbolises the ability to change the process of the text identification, if you're blind for example; OR, if you cannot decipher it, the computer will reload another text-thingamajig. And this icon? The disability sign. I think we all know the one I mean...the little stick-person in the wheelchair. Okay, so where's the protest against THAT symbol then?! Where's the national outcry, the claims of, 'Not EVERY disabled person is wheelchair-bound', and, 'OH. So you have to be in a wheelchair to QUALIFY now, do you?'. Because that's what the public is like nowadays. New Labour have ingrained this into our brains, the need to be absolutely, one-hundred-percent politically correct, all the time. This is what we're reduced to; do I call him black, or coloured? Why is it that we always refer to spiders and insects as, 'He'? What happened to sexual equality? Just because someone's leg is broken, should we call them disabled? Or temporarily disabled?

As you can probably guess, me being very cutely and adorably...Conservative (pauses. Cue *winces*) means that I don't have much time for these bleeding-heart Liberals, as, in the end, all that the opposition is good for is reminding us why we believe what we believe...and why it WORKS!

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