11 August, 2011

''Ze List''...

Last week, when I was being all sad and hormonal, I had a huuuuuge conversation with my Dad about everything; it was literally about an hour and a half long, honestly one of the best I think I've ever had. It was mainly about how we see ourselves, and what we both want to achieve. See, a big similarity between my Dad and I, and indeed the vast majority of our family, is that once we've set our eyes on a goal and we want it badly enough, we won't stop until we get it. Some people might say that's unhealthy, especially at such a young age, but really? I think it's unhealthy to have NO aspirations, to want everything to stay excactly the same as it is now. To be honest, that's really quite...boring? Imagine if, God forbid, all I wanted to do in life was settle down in Newbury, get married, maybe have a couple of children and work at Vodafone HQ? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with working at Vodafone or anything like that, it's just that I live in Newbury now and an awful lot of my friends' parents work there, which is what they want to do when they're older, because it's easy. Me? I want to get work experience on a film with my Auntie and her friends in London, crash at her's for a week or two and gather all the contacts I can to add to my not-inconsiderable database of connections already :L I'm really lucky to be honest, I'm lucky that I have such an encouraging family...both my parents have changed somewhat since they were children, since they got married, since they had us. They've both set in mind what they want to do in the future and how they can achieve that from where they are now, and this, along with other things (obviously), has contributed greatly to my respect for the both of them.
But I digress. I now have a big, not confession, more 'revelation' to make you to, Blogspot. That revelation is that I have a list. Yep, a big ole' list. And I started this list, what, a year ago? In that time it's grown and grown, and changed somewhat. It is a list of everything I hope to achieve as I get older, and so I don't forget what is really important to me. I use other people's examples and experience to produce reasonable, achievable goals but at the same time set for myself some decent challenges. This list has been hidden in various places around my room for a year and it's now being made public, purely to reinforce my intentions and make sure that I can't back out of them if they're up, online, in black-and-white. I know what some of you must be thinking, ''Well, not really; she could just delete the post'' but I don't DO that. I've never deleted one of my posts up here, because, even if some of them take all of two minutes to write, every single one means something, maybe something more than whatever the title and subject of it is. So, without further ado, here is my List. I'll keep the original paper copy to add any more goals whenever I need to, but for now this post will suffice. So here you go...

1) Make more friends, don't just sit in the corner. I know it's not your fault that they're mean to you but if you were more sociable and you didn't always read in class etc.. then you'd find it easier to cope.
2) Don't rely on Charles so much, it would make your relationship a lot better if you were more independent.
3) Don't rest on laurels at school! You know you're clever, I know you're clever but what use is brain power if you never use it, eh Beth?! Don't just save it all up for exams.
4) You know excactly what irritates Mother and Father, so don't bring it up in a conversation, or, if it is brought up, don't try and fight your point if it's not worth it. Just learn to walk away.
5) Learn to surf properly!
6) Keep your room tidy all the time, we both know it depresses you when it's messy. Organise your clothes if you have to.
7) Find a best friend.
8) Go BASE Jumping at 16.
9) Listen to more mainstream music sometimes, you might like it.
10) DO MORE ON YOUR BLOG. (Heh heh heh)
11) Eat more healthily.
12) Go to more gigs!
13) Really do try and find more friends.
14) Do what people tell you once in a while.
15) Get on better with Wills.
16) Learn to fight your ground if you have to.
17) Be as principled as you like, if you straighten your case properly it really doesn't matter what your point is.
18) Stop straightening hair OR buy heat protection spray.
19) Don't wear so much eyeliner.
20) Get your own style!
21) Get in touch with Hannah, ask in advance about work exp.
22) Focus on the good points in life, don't just let everything bad get you down.
23) Be braver.
24) MAN UP! HPV Jabs aren't that bad!
26) Be honest. It's easier.
27) Work out what you actually want to do when you're older. It makes it easier to answer people when they ask, that way.
28) Repair relations with Mrs. Hersh! For real!
29) Join more clubs next year.
30) Get Twitter; blog promotion???
31) Go shopping, you need a new style.
33) Be on your guard, don't let the girls at school trick you.
34) Don't spend all holiday at home, make some plans. You have a new calendar, USE IT!
35) Put some more stuff on iPod, it's getting old.
36) Revise Blink-182 for the gig :L
37) Get to know Charles' family better.
38) Really do keep room tidy.
39) Spend less time in your room.
40) Be funnier?!
42) Go to people's houses more?
43) Stop being so paranoid, things are going well.
44) Learn to brush/laugh people off easily.
45) Sort out clothes.
46) Block everyone on Facebook who's giving you trouble.
47) Talk to Mr. Metcalfe.
48) TRY to get on with Whitmore.
49) Move tutor groups??
50) Spend more time with Millie!!
51) Ace Gang sleepover...SOON!
52) Get a flat in Kensington; look into house prices?:L
53) Plan room redecoration.
54) Be braver
55) Try to be less hormonal, be a bigger help round the house.
56) Organise loads of sleepovers in the summer.
57) Try and do well in setting exams.
58) Try harder in Triple.
59) Get Options straight.
61) Be happy.
62) Don't let them get to you, you have a lot of friends now.
63) Organise sleepovers/meet-ups with newer friends?
64) Look into babysitting, extra money.
65) Be honest to everyone. Leave behind people that irritate you.
66) Help out in Kent, don't miss people too much.
67) Get CCF/Uniform sorted.
68) Get school books sorted.

That's all I have so far, and before you say something like, ''That's not really goals, that's more of a reminder-list'' then just think...look over some of my older posts if you have to (I don't care, I have pageviews to BURN!) and then try and understand why every single entry on that list, to me, meant a lot, and took some doing. There were definitely times when I considered ripping it up because there was too much to do, too much to try and sort out, and being the kind of person that I am, I'd rather just ignore it and hope it would go away...but in the end, I really did man-up and I've accomplished pretty much everything on that list. Obviously, apart from future plans. It helps, too, to get a clear picture in my head and the entries are eclectic and varying, I know, but that's the beauty of it! The fact that none of them really relate to each-other directly (unless I wrote the same one several times, that is) and they all have equal, or nonetheless great, importance to me. Another reason for doing the list was that it encouraged me to do more stuff so I could cross it off, therefore making the list smaller and less daunting. I love how I was so taken with the idea of ticking it off that I even contemplated buying some gold-star stickers for myself to further encourage it. But hey, I'm doing pretty well. Do you guys have any goals?

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