04 September, 2011

Conflict of interests.

I have, unofficially, two days (one and two halves) of the summer holidays left. I go back to school, I start Year Ten on Tuesday 6th September at 12:00pm. And I'm feeling wierd about it. You know why? Because, although I've been longing to sink back into the routine of school, school, school, WEEKEND, school etc. I'm going to miss the unadulterated freedom to do whatever, whenever with...whoever, really. Because that's just it; in the six weeks of freedom that I gratefully receive once every year, I can choose not to see particular people, or I can choose to spend days on end with the same person, just because I want to. Unfortunately, at school, I cannot choose who, or when, to spend time with people that I want to. I'm lumped into five classes a day with some people that, yes, I do love, but that, no, I do really, really dislike. You tend to naturally avoid the rude, abrasive people because they're difficult to talk to, to share things with. How on earth are you supposed to talk to a girl that hates you for being whatever she's heard, about a holiday in Cornwall, for example? It's difficult, mainly, because I just do NOT understand what there possibly is to talk about, to have in common, with such people. And it's their own fault; if they want friends, they'll make it easy for you. But if they don't, they will coolly leave you to flounder until you sputter yourself into oblivion. I mean, seriously? Is it really possible that I can have nothing in common, nothing whatsoever to interest the people that dislike me? Or, if there is a topic that grabs their attention, God knows it's only going to be something unstable, something that will spark off an arguement. For this reason, my iPod is my confidante in school, for the most part. Well, for the first couple of weeks until everyone is used to everyone again...

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