08 October, 2011

"Hello Siru."

Hello Siru.

Today so far has been...wierd. I feel like everyone is avoiding something, you know, talking about that one little thing. But, I can't see why. Megiushi wouldn't avoid anything and everyone loves Megi. I think that we're a little bit scared, really. Don't you, Siru? I mean, it isn't like I have anything to be frightened of. I'm under the Yashi League, like you right? Oh Siru, just come here and protect us like you promised. This isn't fair.


Hello. I'm sorry for the late reply. IN answer to your question, no, I am no longer under the Yashi League...do you not remember how I turned 17 this summer? And as for your final question...well, I am having to stay in Suchumara for a while yet. I will not be there, not for a long time. I can only apologise.

Siru, my darling Siru...

Let us not talk of war and separation any longer. I would accept even the least humble of apologies, if it was you who was offering. I will come and find you, Cousin Icki leaves Yarani tomorrow night and I shall travel with him...with him I shall be safe.


Do not move from where you are. The Yashi League caters only to followers of the faith, not strays and runaways. How could you endanger yourself like this?


Oh darling, you are worth it.


You are not my problem. It is not just me you are endangering, but yourself, your family...if Oshiman finds you, you will cease to exist.


Why do you profess not to understand my unconditional love for you? Unconditional isn't the word, I will gladly take death over a lifetime without you. Don't you love me?


I do not love you enough to merit this level of stupidity.

Oh Siru.

Just let me come and find you...everything will seem better when I am back where I truly belong...in your arms.

Yassi, no.

Shirigu Kio and Shiriga Gafu know not of this I assume? If not then I am evermore opposed to the idea. How could you expect me to defy my master? Your father is the only known reason I am still alive and replying to you, he taught me everything I know. I would never permit my own daughter to be stolen by my apprentice...


They know not, you are quite right. But, it is too late. Cousin Icki and I have just passed Sasu, we will be with you at best by next moon. All contact from now on is pointless, I will not reply. Sweet dreams, love.


Oh my sweet, darling girl. Where are you now? Somewhere too great for me. You always were better than this world. But to say I could see you before you were gone, that has been life's greatest honour. Yassi, I am yours truly forever, hearing your sweet voice with only a true lover's ears, seeing your beautiful face with only a true lover's eyes, missing you with only a true lover's heart...regretting with only the passion

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