08 October, 2011

Religion is not legal tender.,

I was casually scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a page I had obviously 'liked' a few eons ago. It was leading to an article on a website run by girls, for girls, encouraging teenagers to send in pictures of themselves, sans makeup. They would in turn be rewarded with an uplifting comment and a chance to express the features that they loved, without fear of judgement. This is what originally inspired me to click on the link, and scroll through the various photos until I noticed a pattern; each girl had included the pre-requisite 'What I like about Me'...and then a message about Jesus, God or a combination thereof. This at first puzzled me; I assumed it was merely coincedence, until I spotted a featured video in the sidebar; vilifying Cosmo magazine for being outrageous and Kim Kardashian for having no morals. This got the wheels turning and the suspicions rising, until I realised that, yes, this was an entirely praise-de-lawd website. And, to the creator's credit, I did continue to read the articles purely for entertainment purposes, until I stumbled across one about Lady Gaga; apparently, the way she dresses and the lyrics in her songs disallow her from saying that she is Catholic, and she is not worth of Jesus' love. This is the only reason that I did what I did, because at this point I believed the creator was not using the Internet to spread her love and Faith in Christianity and in Jesus and God, but using it to discriminate against people who 'weren't worthy'. So, this had to be said.

Dear Nicole,

First of all, I would like to compliment you; I think essentially it's fantastic that a girl such as you holds such strong values, to go as far as publishing them on line and, to your credit, gaining, from what I can gather to be a rather large following. Undeniably, you inspire numerous teenage girls, which is what I think your original intentions concerning this website were. However, from what I can gather from spending a not-inconsiderable amount of time browsing your articles with growing interest, I can now safely state my opinion.
Personally, I think that a lot of what you are doing is no better than vilifying Cosmopolitan magazine. I believe that you hold very valuable Christian faith and I appreciate that; but, quite frankly, how dare you broadcast these opinions in such a manner as to brainwash these teenagers yourself. Lady Gaga, whom you declare ''She, like many entertainers feels lofty and righteous...'' sounds not dissimilar to your actions and words. You use your religion, your faith in God and Jesus, as an excuse to be nasty, sanctimonious and deliberately influential as you know that your following is largely a fan base with a huge amount of trust. I do not believe that God in any way would have you spread His message at all like this. You are rude, you are manipulative and you are degrading and ridiculously judgemental to people who don't fit in with your PERSONAL views of the perfect person. Whoever said you had to dress modestly, and save yourself for marriage, and abstain from buying Cosmopolitan magazine unless you are over the age of 18, in order to be loved by God? I thought that He loved everyone...we are individual, unique and all made with intention, so according to the Bible.
This brings me to my next point; you misquote numerous Bible passages throughout your website, in order to further prove your misleading, misguided, poorly constructed points. The Bible is clearly outdated, and you cannot be expected to live your life according directly to it. If you read it, you would find that many of its points are contradictory, making it physically and mentally impossible to live your life by it. Your expectations are unfair, and for you to foist your own personal, condescending opinions upon impressionable people is not in any way according to the Christian faith.
If you say you love God and Jesus, far be it from me to disagree; I believe you completely. However, I do not believe you are in any way acting upon God's will.

To conclude, as you have no doubt gathered by now, I am in no way religious; I am not a Christian, nor do I believe in any higher power. Notwithstanding this, I do however have a few fundamental beliefs that I hold dear to me, as I am sure you can understand. As I am not religious, I can't begin to comprehend the relationship that you feel you have with God; and in many ways, I do believe that you are acting with the best possible intentions. However, if all Christians should live according to your rules and your delusions to gain love and acceptance, then I hold no faith whatsoever towards God, or Jesus.

Yours faithfully,

Please feel free to visit the website, http://www.projectinspired.com and let me know what you think. In no way am I trying to influence you...far be it from ME to foist my judgement upon you. However, I wish the same could be said for ''Nicole''.

Religion is not about being better than someone, or being worthy of God's love and living your life through the Bible, to the letter. Religion is about being aware of a higher power, having faith and trust in someone or something to always love you, and even though I'm not religious, I respect peoples' faith. What I abstain from respecting, however, is when people use their faith as currency.

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