21 November, 2011


Okay, so this isn't what a lot of you probably think this is about. This post is about a guy who goes by the name of 'D.D' (blog; http://dimitridr.blogspot.com/) and recently, he's become one of my closest friends. I've known him for about three years now, and I've spoken to him on and off, over MSN and such, because it was a random add a few years back that sparked it. But, since the beginning of Year Ten and, more particularly, CCF, I got to know D.D a lot better, and we've become really close in the past month or so; we've helped each-other through friend, family and relationship problems and as a result have become so much closer than I could ever have guessed. :) CCF is really what brought us together, and already we've got so many awesome memories! :) all of our mutual friends are also becoming closer to me, which I really love; this is expanding my friendship circle in the happiest possible way! I love how fast I've gotten to know D.D and I really appreciate him being there for me, through thick and thin, tears and tantrums, the good times and the bad. :) one last thing; anything he does in the future? Look out for those initials because, I'll tell you this, he'll be amazing. Whatever he does, D.D will be HUGE. :D

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