19 November, 2011

Hell, we're all beautiful.

Okay. I didn't ask you to read this (For once) for the pageviews, I genuinely have something to say.

You see, the thing is, recently someone that I know has been on a steady downhill slope...for a couple of years now, a beautiful girl that I know through one of my best friends has been anorexic. This doesn't mean she's stupid, or conceited, it means that a stunning girl has been inflicted, most unfortunaely, with thinking that she isn't good enough. Pretty enough, clever enough, thin enough. So, she wanted to take control. And, that control comes through the only way she knows how; controlling her body. A steady line of scars and a thin layer of skin covering her bones is what she has to show for control. I'm not religious, but any higher power, please intervene.

She's getting better. Speaking. Menial conversations that occur millions of times a day, in hundreds of languages, all over the world, are being exchanged. They mean the world to my best friend; she told me about a recent conversation they'd had and there were tears in her eyes, she was so happy. And I was happy for both of them, it was the best thing I'd heard all week. Funny how much and how fast your perception changes according to the context, right?

I don't know her very well, and I wish, I wish I did because that's all people want; to make other people happy. And, it's not about anyone but her. I'm in love with this girl, and her beauty broke my heart, because everyone but her could see it. I hope, with all my heart, that this stunning, amazing, lovely girl gets better because that's by far everything she deserves; to live a happy, healthy, awesome life. My heart goes out to anyone else out there who feels the same or knows someone who's going through the same thing; I just want everyone to know that (screw the cliches) you're all, breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. Every single one of you. I don't care what you've done before, what you're doing now or what you're going to do; how you've looked/acted/spoken. Anything. You're all amazing. And never, ever take that for granted.

Bad things happen to good people. <3

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  1. Beth, that is one of the most moving things I've ever read...My heart goes out to your friend, and I have to say how amazing a person you are for doing this and supporting her. I will spread this around for you as I got the link from your facebook.