20 November, 2011

Promo's and thank-you's.

Overnight, ten people have liked my Facebook page and November has quickly become the highest-viewed month in the history of WoB...57 people viewed my most recent post within the first hour. Before I go on, I should say that it's not all about the pageviews, you're correct...however, it is about getting my message out there. Maybe not worldwide but certainly locally. And it makes me really happy to see that there are actually real people from around the world, from distant countries, reading my blog. Not just friends and family although, I think that's appreciated the most, so, thank you guys!
Firstly, I'd like to promote the blogs of a few people who, I think, have either started to show how determined they are, or how much time, care, love and attention has been put into their blogs, their 'babies', I think a couple of them called it.
Not everyone of these people has asked me to promo, I've done a discreet little blog tour; remember, this isn't just Blogspot, but WordPress and Tumblr too.

http://dimitridr.blogspot.com/ This guy recently started his blog and already his posts are fluid and emotional, making for a really interesting time reading.

Although she doesn't post on it much, this girl has posted some really amazing stuff here in the past, I love her themes.

http://stonedonabridge.blogspot.com/ Still a regular poster, this girl is something to look out for- posts that are funny, in-depth and true to life are the main theme of this blog.

http://pensandpretentions.blogspot.com/ Again, not quite as regular, this girl has an extraordinary grasp of the English language, and can happily create poetic masterpieces in little under ten minutes.

http://www.thepropertyspeculator.co.uk/ My Daddy's website, this blog has been the most polished, proffessional thing about the web that I've seen in quite a long time...enough to give anyone an interest in planning permission and the Fundamentals of Property Speculation and suchwith.

http://www.fashion-bake.com/ This is absolutely beautiful. Every single post is sent with care and attention to detail, it's like reading someone's beautiful mind!

http://stupidteenagedreams.tumblr.com/ I know that this girl has been through an awful lot for someone so young, and so I thank her for letting me spread the word; I've just spent half an hour looking at everything reblogged and written, and I'm in love with it!

http://jadeharmse.tumblr.com/ This blog is one of the funniest, most engaging things I've ever read; happily bookmarked so that I can read it over and over!

http://rhianvenning.tumblr.com/ Again, something beautiful posted continuously...every picture, mood, song, lyric, represents this girl perfectly. Read it!!!

http://mollynobbs.tumblr.com/ And a third time! A blog that truly shows off the author's skills at piecing together funny quotes, inspiring pictures and heartwarming posts to make something amazing, almost poetic. :)

http://www.boardskater.wordpress.com/ My brother's third attempt at a blog, this one is surely a winner...truly, an insight to a agrumpy teenager's mind!

This post took so long to write because I spent at least fifteen minutes on every single blog I promoted; all of them truly are amazing, individual and written with such emotion that it's impossible not to get drawn in. Thank you, everyone who still reads mine, and visits these ones.

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