14 November, 2011

The unadulterated lyrical genius of my best friend, Dudding.

Made purely of fridge-words, ladies and gentlemen...sit back and prepare to be intensely impressed.

My only hope is...
Me & you like ripe, silent moral...
I can not touch you, those who do slither.
I battle our noble corrupt haze.
We dream, and steal absent passion.
Nurture and flatter the soul...
False, dark desire.
Promise a Heavenly abyss, then depart, amid the forever swirling emotional jungle...
Adore, ignore, but cradle the radient, tumbling spawn.
Her slumbering star,
Mistaken and interrupted.
Do not forget any smile,
We remember it.
Whistle lyrical harmony of rewarded insanity.

Oh Dudding. <3

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