11 November, 2011

Where the kids are hot and the girls look slept-in.

This post is about my best friend.
The best thing that's ever happened to me.
The thing that keeps me grounded.
The one who makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes.
My sister.
My friend.
My other half.
My brain.
My conscience.
My thoughts.
My life.

That's the Truth- McFly
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You- Bryan Adams
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- Elton John
Your Song- Ewan McGregor
Broad Daylight- Gabriel Rios
You Me At Six
Mayday Parade
Rolling In The Deep- Adele
The Wanderer- Jil Is Lucky
(yeah Millie...made a list of your favourite music, I remembered :))

Films and television;
Anything Disney
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Moulin Rouge
Sweeney Todd
Paranormal Activity
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Michael McIntyre
Numerous movie trailers on YouTube
Family Guy

Just kidding; she doesn't read.

Billie. Meth. Boobs. Cheeks. Shelf. Bethy. Brian. Stewie. Blondey. Possessive. Boo. Lee. Beth. Millie.

Blonde. Short. Loud. Funny. Quiet. Thoughtful. Caring. Kind. Amazing.

Beautiful. Adorable. Positive. Optimistic. Sensible. Fantastic. Perfect.

    • Come here, I need you so much. You're my best friend in the whole effing world and not a min ute goes by when I don't realise how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as you in my life. You're totally amazing in every single way possible and so, so so heartbreakingly beautiful. 'm typihg all this through blurred eyes on a keyboard really fast so forgive any spelling mistakes but, that's it/ ♥

  • Millie Stonebridge
    • Fuck me. oh my god, I fucking love you! :') thank you for that, literally tearing up!! :L you're the best friend I've ever bloody had, honestly can't believe I have something as perfect as you all for myself. You're so wonderful to me, I loved it in badminton today when we gave each other the cold shoulder but then we caught each others eyes and started smiling. You're incredible Beth Parker :):) I wish I was as poetic as you. ♥

Me and Millie? Well. If you managed to pin us down, and that's a BIG IF, then I'd say we're us. Just, one of those beautiful things that's made out of nothing and blossoms into something.

Millie Melissa Daisy Ann Kevin Harold Stonebridge, I love you from now 'till forever. AND BACK AGAIN, sistaaaaaaaar. <3

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