22 December, 2011

Bing Cosby.

As my Facebook status reads, I'm sat in my best friend's living room quietly typing away in the half-light as she shifts in sleep on the other sofa. I can see the glow cast by hanging fairy lights from the hall, and the outlines of paper chains and tinsel, as well as the silhouette of the big Christmas tree behind me. This is what's finally getting me in the mood for a very Joyeux Noel!! I was worried because it's taken SO flipping long to feel excited about Christmas; we did all the various decorations on Saturday night, and even putting up the tree I felt devoid of all festivity. Furthermore, Sunday night was spent sat cross-legged (I swear, that's the only way I sit nowadays...even at school, I kick off my shoes and spend the entire hour cross-legged on my chair, legs tucked under the desk...) on my bedroom floor, wrapping all my presents to people in the dim light of my fairy lights (I say wrapping...my wrapping is more sellotape than paper), then labeling them so that I wouldn't forget who they were for. Yesterday night, I was dancing in my pajamas to the Smiths whilst everyone else was fast asleep, then packing up all my stuff (including presents; there is nothing more exciting then seeing a bag or stockingful of wrapped objects, knowing that they're aaaaaall for you...) in a big Cornish backpack, ready for, first one of my best friends' party later on today (four hours in high heels yes, but I'll be sat down for most of it so), and then the ACE GANG CHRISTMAS. This, my readers, is a very clever method that myself and three others have so devised; we can't see each-other on Christmas day, obviously, so what we've done is organised a special 'Christmas' just for us. It starts with tonight, the 22nd, when we watch Christmas films, do any last-minute wrapping in pairs etc. and leave notes and sustenance for ole' St. Nick. Then, we sleep (at a suitable hour, to give him time to deliver our presents) and wake up tomorrow morning, the 23rd, and exchange presents. We've also organised a secret-Santa, but we're rubbish at keeping secrets so we all know each-other's >.<

Well, I doubt I'll have much time to do anything other than post at this time of year; I try to be organised, but there's always so much to do!! So, from me, to you, every single one of you, be you one-off readers or regular visitors, thank you so much for making my blog what it is; have a fantastic Christmas, every one of you, and thank you again.

Oh, and the title? Yeah, Bing Crosby's rendition of 'I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas', coupled with old, idyllic, black and white video, is the ONLY song I can dream of that gets me in any kind of mood for Christmas. Give it a listen!!

Merry Christmas, you beautiful lot. :)

18 December, 2011

Dust the record and make it work.

I know some of my titles have been pretty random recently ^^^^^ but this one kind of has a very basic meaning. At the moment, my life is pretty divided between being immensely good and enormously bad. So, I'll just pick up life from where I left off, blow off the dust and HUZAH! Hope it works again. Because, if you want life to work, you need to help it work. And that doesn't mean sit at home and hide away, listening to sad songs and doing mountains of pointless stuff to disctract yourself. That means walking forward, making new friends, loving everyone and everything, doing what makes you happy. The only way I'll ever be happy is if I 'train' my life to work alongside me. So, in reality, I think what I need to do is apologise...I've been a bit downhill for roughly three weeks now, and I'm not the one who's suffered from that- not as much as everyone else has. So, to everyone I've neglected/ignored/run away from in the last 21 days or so, don't take it personally. Everything in my life needs a bit of a spruce up, and I think a good ole' dose of Christmas cheer is precisely the cure. So, auf wiedersehen, until tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.

15 December, 2011

D-d-d-drop the bass, wwwwwubwwwwub.

An hour and a half was happily spent today, sat on my friend's bed, discussing with him our favourite music, and gigs etc. Also, in the last two hours of my school day, my double Graphics lesson, I was sat with a group of people deep in conversation concerning, again, music. I found some songs that I've really fallen in love with recently, including;
Video Games- Lana Del Rey
Kaleidoscope- Blink-182
Cinema- Benni Benassi ft. Gary Go (Skrillex remix)
This Love, This Hate- Hollywood Undead
Alpha Dog- Fall Out Boy
Celui- Colonel Reyel
21 Seconds- So Solid Crew
2 People- Jean Jacques Smoothie.

Just thought I'd update everyone. I wish I was musically talented, it'd be an awesome, awesome way to get a message out.

10 December, 2011

"Facebook is a waste of time". Do you agree?

In some cases, yes, I agree with this statement. One reason is because I've done scarce amounts of homework this week, due to being ensconced in numerous conversations, discussions, arguements, general banter, etc. etc. Another key reason why Facebook could be considered a waste of time is because fundamentally, you are using your free time, (which in my case is also scarce and therefore precious) in an unproductive way. For example, how long does it take to post something on someone's Wall, to check and reply to, messages? How long does it take to check and reply to, notifications? To needlessly envelope yourself in the cyber-world of the wicked? Because, Facebook is the battlefield where morals stand as spectators, where the warriors are us, faceless, nameless and ultimately blameless. Recovery systems ain't what they used to be, get some clever hacking in place and no-one ever knows the things you've said. This leads me on to my final point, of the fact that Facebook is a breeding ground for the insecure and the hard-hearted to unleash their criticisms, their petty hatred, amongst the rest of us. To make us feel doubtful, and to contemplate our own natures and tendencies. Facebook makes you think, and confront your innermost demons, in a way that a face-to-face discussion never could. Well, not nowadays, anyway.

Notwithstanding the above, I also believe that Facebook is about the most productive way to spend your free time, and your not-so-free time, in some cases. My first reason for this statement being, that Facebook brings you closer. Two of my very best friendships to date started, blossomed and evolved on Facebook. Some relationships ended, but new ones began, spurred on by the comfort offered so readily, by those I did not deserve it from. Another reason, is that Facebook gives you confidence. For example, this time last year, I did not dare post a picture of myself online, partly due to the unfair comments, and partly due to the fact that I just had no self-assurance. But now? Every 'like' or nice comment posted on a photo, or my profile, fills me with an undoubtedly conceited glow, but furthermore, a bright, illuminating one. I feel as though I can do anything, with these people behind me. People who would support me, catch me if I fell. New friends, and old accquaintences alike, all of which mean something different, but equally important and special. And finally? Facebook helps me. It helps me to help others. It helped me to stop a girl from purging the food and nutrients her body so desperately needed. It helped me to get a boy to admit he had a problem, to share my own experiences, and give him help as he was too scared to ask for it in person. It helped me to spread a message, across the entire database, in just one day, that everyone is beautiful. It got me known, for helping people, for helping anyone and everyone. No judgement, no influence, no preaching. Just honest advice, and comfort where lonliness is rife.

To conclude, Facebook is about the best thing I could possibly own right now. Being a teenager, a lot goes on beneath the surface that everyone but your keyboard is unaware of. So, please don't take it away.

05 December, 2011

Learning yourself through other people.

Seems these days, that there's a lot of discussion going round...about each-other. Now, I'm all for judging someone *really, it's the only easy to formulate a basic, honest friendship*, but it really is interesting what you learn about yourself if you listen to other people. No word of a lie, I've had someone approach me before and tell me a rumour about myself, asking for confirmation. Now, in this reckless, dog-eat-dog-world that we call our teenage years, denial = confirmation, and confirmation = trouble. So, there's really no way to win with this. I've been asked how many times I had sex with one of my guy friends, because we've been spending time together recently; I just shrug and say, '87', because I really don't have time for idle gossip. However, something even more annoying than a lie about yourself, twisted and folded until it resembles a paper hat of a lie, is the truth about yourself.

That sounded really dramatic, so I'll take a moment to say that I didn't mean it to come out like that. (story of my entire life!) so I'll explain; the opposite of a lie is the truth, right? But, the truth doesn't always work the same way. The opposite of truth, in my terms, in my context, in my social circles, is someone denying a lie. So, there's no way to win an argument; you're accused of something. You concur, they tell everyone. You deny, you're kicked out of your own social group because you've committed a crime more heinous than telling an outward lie. It's difficult to explain, but anyway; being told the 'truth' about yourself is even more irritating, not least because it shows that somebody has betrayed your trust, but because it's nearly always delivered by someone with a kickable face.