22 December, 2011

Bing Cosby.

As my Facebook status reads, I'm sat in my best friend's living room quietly typing away in the half-light as she shifts in sleep on the other sofa. I can see the glow cast by hanging fairy lights from the hall, and the outlines of paper chains and tinsel, as well as the silhouette of the big Christmas tree behind me. This is what's finally getting me in the mood for a very Joyeux Noel!! I was worried because it's taken SO flipping long to feel excited about Christmas; we did all the various decorations on Saturday night, and even putting up the tree I felt devoid of all festivity. Furthermore, Sunday night was spent sat cross-legged (I swear, that's the only way I sit nowadays...even at school, I kick off my shoes and spend the entire hour cross-legged on my chair, legs tucked under the desk...) on my bedroom floor, wrapping all my presents to people in the dim light of my fairy lights (I say wrapping...my wrapping is more sellotape than paper), then labeling them so that I wouldn't forget who they were for. Yesterday night, I was dancing in my pajamas to the Smiths whilst everyone else was fast asleep, then packing up all my stuff (including presents; there is nothing more exciting then seeing a bag or stockingful of wrapped objects, knowing that they're aaaaaall for you...) in a big Cornish backpack, ready for, first one of my best friends' party later on today (four hours in high heels yes, but I'll be sat down for most of it so), and then the ACE GANG CHRISTMAS. This, my readers, is a very clever method that myself and three others have so devised; we can't see each-other on Christmas day, obviously, so what we've done is organised a special 'Christmas' just for us. It starts with tonight, the 22nd, when we watch Christmas films, do any last-minute wrapping in pairs etc. and leave notes and sustenance for ole' St. Nick. Then, we sleep (at a suitable hour, to give him time to deliver our presents) and wake up tomorrow morning, the 23rd, and exchange presents. We've also organised a secret-Santa, but we're rubbish at keeping secrets so we all know each-other's >.<

Well, I doubt I'll have much time to do anything other than post at this time of year; I try to be organised, but there's always so much to do!! So, from me, to you, every single one of you, be you one-off readers or regular visitors, thank you so much for making my blog what it is; have a fantastic Christmas, every one of you, and thank you again.

Oh, and the title? Yeah, Bing Crosby's rendition of 'I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas', coupled with old, idyllic, black and white video, is the ONLY song I can dream of that gets me in any kind of mood for Christmas. Give it a listen!!

Merry Christmas, you beautiful lot. :)

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