15 December, 2011

D-d-d-drop the bass, wwwwwubwwwwub.

An hour and a half was happily spent today, sat on my friend's bed, discussing with him our favourite music, and gigs etc. Also, in the last two hours of my school day, my double Graphics lesson, I was sat with a group of people deep in conversation concerning, again, music. I found some songs that I've really fallen in love with recently, including;
Video Games- Lana Del Rey
Kaleidoscope- Blink-182
Cinema- Benni Benassi ft. Gary Go (Skrillex remix)
This Love, This Hate- Hollywood Undead
Alpha Dog- Fall Out Boy
Celui- Colonel Reyel
21 Seconds- So Solid Crew
2 People- Jean Jacques Smoothie.

Just thought I'd update everyone. I wish I was musically talented, it'd be an awesome, awesome way to get a message out.

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