18 December, 2011

Dust the record and make it work.

I know some of my titles have been pretty random recently ^^^^^ but this one kind of has a very basic meaning. At the moment, my life is pretty divided between being immensely good and enormously bad. So, I'll just pick up life from where I left off, blow off the dust and HUZAH! Hope it works again. Because, if you want life to work, you need to help it work. And that doesn't mean sit at home and hide away, listening to sad songs and doing mountains of pointless stuff to disctract yourself. That means walking forward, making new friends, loving everyone and everything, doing what makes you happy. The only way I'll ever be happy is if I 'train' my life to work alongside me. So, in reality, I think what I need to do is apologise...I've been a bit downhill for roughly three weeks now, and I'm not the one who's suffered from that- not as much as everyone else has. So, to everyone I've neglected/ignored/run away from in the last 21 days or so, don't take it personally. Everything in my life needs a bit of a spruce up, and I think a good ole' dose of Christmas cheer is precisely the cure. So, auf wiedersehen, until tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.

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