05 December, 2011

Learning yourself through other people.

Seems these days, that there's a lot of discussion going round...about each-other. Now, I'm all for judging someone *really, it's the only easy to formulate a basic, honest friendship*, but it really is interesting what you learn about yourself if you listen to other people. No word of a lie, I've had someone approach me before and tell me a rumour about myself, asking for confirmation. Now, in this reckless, dog-eat-dog-world that we call our teenage years, denial = confirmation, and confirmation = trouble. So, there's really no way to win with this. I've been asked how many times I had sex with one of my guy friends, because we've been spending time together recently; I just shrug and say, '87', because I really don't have time for idle gossip. However, something even more annoying than a lie about yourself, twisted and folded until it resembles a paper hat of a lie, is the truth about yourself.

That sounded really dramatic, so I'll take a moment to say that I didn't mean it to come out like that. (story of my entire life!) so I'll explain; the opposite of a lie is the truth, right? But, the truth doesn't always work the same way. The opposite of truth, in my terms, in my context, in my social circles, is someone denying a lie. So, there's no way to win an argument; you're accused of something. You concur, they tell everyone. You deny, you're kicked out of your own social group because you've committed a crime more heinous than telling an outward lie. It's difficult to explain, but anyway; being told the 'truth' about yourself is even more irritating, not least because it shows that somebody has betrayed your trust, but because it's nearly always delivered by someone with a kickable face.

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