04 January, 2012

Dream Diary (take #1)

Although I probably (and statistically) spend about a sixth of my life dreaming, it seems I can seldom remember any of them; which subsequently must mean that they're really beyond the realm of unimportance. This in mind, however, I had a dream last night, which was essentially four parts; half of which were including characters that were familiar to me. Now I know there's probably nothing more boring than sitting through someone elses' dreams, so feel free to leave now; I've got a great website that you can happily waste half your life on, watching endless videos of cats doing various hilarious tricks. Woah. That rhymed. GUYS, I MADE A RHYME. GUUUUUUUUYSSSSSSSSSSSS. GUYS!!!
(In case any of you thought I was joking by the way, the website is http://www.dailyviral.com, enjoy >.<)

So yess'm. The first part of my dream (I think; all I know for sure that are in order are the third and fourth parts) was that of my friend from a couple of years below me (but, not mentally, or physically...well, apart from his age? I don't know...) and I were stood outside my new-ish school buildings, on the strip of tarmac that runs between the outside of the library and the big, approx-diamond outside the front of school, housing a big tree with fairy lights (FAIRY LIGHTS?!, I hear you cry) and he was insisting that his teacher hated him; he was listing various reasons, and I was answering them with more appropriate reasons. For every reason that I managed to match with my own, we'd toast this little paper shot cups and down a mouthful of vodka. He also told me I was funnier when I was trashed.

On to the second part; recently, I downloaded some music onto my iPod, one of these being 'Meet Me On The Equinox' by DCFC. However, flicking through said iPod on Shuffle the other day (everyday, I'm shufflin'), I chanced upon it, and was distraught to realise that I'd purchased that single from the album 'Soundtrack to Twilight'!! And as I love absorbing the cover art every time a new song plays, that's now been ruined for me, so. However, back to the point; evidently, this disasterous turn of events wasn't enough, as the image clearly sank into my subconcious, and stayed there. Firmly. As, when I slept, I had another random dream-moment when I was stood on a darkened landing with a taller, stronger guy, who kissed me once, and left me breathless. (I didn't know who he was), but he was a 'flipping' vampire, clearly...which just shows that my imagination knows no bounds (sarcasm).

Thirdly! This is a wierd one, that ties to the fourth, so bear with me here guys. I was sat, on a bench, with my family and a strange, young boy. He was about six or seven, so vastly capable of speech. But suddenly, a flurry of wasps descended upon our happy gathering, and so what did we do? Well, obviously, we shot casually out to space...and as this poor child was looking awestruck, we sent the wasps away, probably to go and implode or something, and then we all looked back over to planet Earth (a considerable distance, if I do say so myself...) and saw that it was half-shrouded in the thickest black shadow imaginable. My Dad intervened at this point, to let the little boy know that it was 6:30pm in Italy, and that to meet his curfew, the boy needed to be home soonish. So, we promptly flew back to Earth, and set down on an airstrip outside, funnily enough, an airport. A plane then spoke to this flummoxed little child, and told him that he should get the 2:30am plane at the latest, to avoid his Mother being worried. And after that, we left him to it!

This leads me to my fourth part; probably the most distressing, and the one with the clearest reasoning. Basically, I was suddenly walking up what looked like the inside of a passenger plane, but apparently (judging by the scenery flashing past the windows and passenger's apparent ability to get off at various stops) was my bus home. I think it resembled a train at one point, as well...no matter. Onwards! And, some various friends happened to be dotted around the area, in various seats. I was looking for a set of three, because I think my two other best friends were supposed to be with me. And at that point, I spotted my third best friend, sitting rather conveniently in a set of four seats. I bustled up, threw down my bag, and asked her if I could take them, for the four of us to be seated. She agreed, but with the parting shot that, 'Only if you want to totally p*** off __________ (unspecified name)'. At that point, I collapsed into a nearby seat, because I've had recent bad relations with 'Unspecified name' (U.N) and started cursing quietly. He then demonstrates creepy-timing really well, and appears, to start striding up the aisle, accompanied by my metaphorical 'older brother', one of my closest possible male friends, and throws a glare at me, before throwing himself in to the seat in front of me without a word. By now, I have a rapt audience, a mixture of friends and strangers alike, all appearing to be holding their breath, waiting for the next move. I tentatively ask U.N if I can talk to him, and that was the obvious straw that broke the camel's back. I think that, had I left him, he would've glowered some more, before stepping off the bus. But, as I can remember, he turned around, and shot me a look of pure hatred, before launching into a tirade of how selfish I was, and how I didn't deserve any successful relationships in the future. I tried to intervene at one point, with the fruitless, but classic, 'I wrote you a letter on the plane!' which was immediately shot down. It culminated in his saying he never wished to speak to me again, followed by his departure, and my subsequent descent into hysteria.

So there you have it. If you ever wondered where half the material on this blog came from, this is probably your answer.
I must say, I'm rather impressed, if I do say so myself, with my attempts at writing the dreams I had. It was difficult to harness them and hold them for as long as it took to write them down, and I hope that I did a good enough job so that if I suffer from blog nostalgia in future, I can be reminded of this dream. It was a good one, really, especially the last part.

Thank you!

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