28 January, 2012


Well, to be imaginative, I exorcised last night. No, that's not the physical, gym-going 'exercise' with really bad spelling. Exorcism refers to cleansing oneself or an area of spirits with malevolent intent or some such. So, following your absolutely horrible actions this week, I exorcised YOU. That meant finally, FINALLY deleting every text I'd saved about you (the first one dating back to 23rd December 2009), every photo I'd ever taken, every note I'd ever written. That meant ripping up all the cards you've ever given me, putting all your hoodies in the wash to donate to a charity shop, deleting our emails and our Facebook messages, deleting everything about you. It was hard; I was luckily my best friend was there to make the first move, because I'd happily bet that I couldn't have done it without her.

On the plus side though, I can really see now who my real friends are. The people who stuck around, didn't go behind my back and behave like some cheap, underhand wench. The ones I can trust, not to shout stuff about me on the coach to the Dry-Ski slope place. I would name and shame all of you, as I really have that much contempt for you all. But, really? That's one of my first blogging rules, to avoid naming names as much as possible. You guys aren't worth breaking a time-honoured rule like that for.

I hope karma hurts like a bitch.


  1. That's fine.. I just want my CDs back :-)

  2. Fuck off. i frisbeed them.