02 January, 2012

I'm going to say it...

I need a massive freaking hug right now. And, this is the really gay part, I need a boy-hug. You know, one of those hugs where you can smell their aftershave and feel their big arms and all the breath gets pushed out of you as he sweeps you up. I think that's partly why I have so many guy-friends, as well as my brother and my Daddy; because, some things in this world, you really cannot do unless it's with a dude. All of my guys friends give good hugs, I've cried on all of them probably more times than I can remember, and I'd probably choose them over most of my girlfriends any day. There's too much drama with a girl. Why are you crying? Who made you cry? What happened? Is it private? So, tell me anyway? Who else knows? Can I ask them? Nah, with boys it's different. With boys? It's like, oh hey. This chick's crying. Let's just hug. It. Owwwwwwt.

Now, I'm not saying I need my girls any less. Just that, for this particular thing, boys are so much better, every time. But hey.

But, I guess it's Sod's Law that the one boy I want a hug from at the moment is also the same boy who made me want a hug. He's also 1,500 miles away right now.
So, that's not good.

I really should choose my moments better, shouldn't I?

I never, ever knew the words 'Baby, Imma set you free' were, like, fatal or something. Hell's Bells, this is really too complicated.

Yet again, I'm contradicting myself; I s'pose boys are complicated. When they freaking want to be.
This is not fair; I want my Leonidas.

And, I'm mad at him because I've never written a blog post about someone like this. I save this stuff for Tumblr and stuff, y'know? Because, I try and blog about everything, that effects everyone. I want to keep you all interested. And it's not fair, because he's made me care about him. And, he doesn't understand!


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