19 January, 2012


This week. It hasn't been the shining example of why I bother to get out of bed in the mornings, to tell you the truth. It really hasn't given me any erason to stay in Newbury, or in fact, on Planet Earth either.
I mean.
There was the stress. The exam stress, the sudden shedload of coursework-stress etc.
There were the 'friends'. The hatred from a jealous girl, who ended up becoming, rather ironically, the very thing she was hating on me for allegedly being; a 'friend-stealer'. So, I've lost my 'best friends'. But, I suppose that by putting it on my blog, I'm making it clear that, whilst of course I care, and it's hurting, it's their choice. And I have chosen to do nothing about it. I've tried, of course I have. But a girl can only do so much.
And then, there's my dog. My beautiful, funny, amazing, clever, stupid dog. Gnash. Ah, he's the only dog I've ever had, but mark my words, there'll never be another like him. He was a beautiful dog, with so much character and eagerness and willing. No-one knew him like his family, so it seemed right that we were all there to say our last goodbyes. For a Black Labrador, 14 is tremendously good innings; also, he was rather ill. I don't want to say it, but I think it was the kindest thing to do. We know he's not in any pain anymore, which is why we were slowly loosing him as it was. So, wherever you are now Gnash, we all love you. You were the most popular dog I've ever known.

And now, at the end of a long, hot, boring, troublesome and achingly tiring two weeks, I'm crashing into bed. G'night!

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