27 February, 2012

Mulbach, Mulbach, Mulbach 2012!

Hello, Guten Tag, Hallo, Bienvenue, Bonjour, Salut, Bon soir!
Sorry, just testing out the languages of ALL THE COUNTRIES I PASSED THROUGH ON THE WAY TO AUSTRIA.
It was amazing. And when I say amazing, I mean genuinely amazing. I really want to do it again, especially as the last two days weren't scary at all! It was such an awesome experience, to make new friends and reconnect with old ones...to have a laugh and share memories...to feel like one big, massive, happy family by the end of it.
I won't lie, there were a lot of lows before the highs; but they were just as memorable and...character-building. Let's see...
The first skiing day, I got sat on.
I very nearly got into a lot of trouble for losing ski equipment.
I got rejected, and had to ski the next day when I hated it.
I punched a boy in the face, made him bleed (in a public restaurant) and nearly got myself packed off home.
And, some other general stuff too. But, on the whole, I'd do it all again, just for the highs...
Skiing down my first slope; so pathetic it was nearly horizontal, but I was over the moon for it!
Taking on about five different blue slopes straight away, and one and a half reds.
Not being freaked by the ski lift.
Having so many laughs it was unbelieveable.
Forming new friendships.
Patching up a lot of stuff on the coach journey home :)
The massive snowball fight on the last day that had everyone feeling like a big ole' family.
The lovely, lovely hotel owner Maria, and her patience with us, plus her amazing cooking!

It was singularly, one of the best holidays I've ever had. Everyone I went there with has now been changed in my eyes...some for the worse, but most for the better! I wouldn't trade those experiences felt for anything; I would never do it over, even if I was magically endowed with the most amazing, prolific skiing powers! My skiing group (Millie, Ellie, Ed, Tom, Ethan, Dom, Charles, Alex, Henry and Brandon) and my roomies (Millie and Ellie), as well as almost all the girls on our floor, most of the boys on the floor above us, and a few of the teachers, helped to make this holiday emotional, dramatic, troublesome, scary, mental, hilarious, extreme and absolutely unforgettable. Mulbach, I'll never, ever forget you!

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