31 March, 2012

''Bite me, kiss this''

Nostalgia makes me ache for a time when everything was a lot easier. A time before Tumblr, before Dubstep...before Twitter, before Bangarang. And the only thing that makes me happy is knowing that I don't have to go through all this rubbish again. But, I'd take it all again if things could go back to the way they were, before the times I wake up sweating in the middle of the night with my stomach churning and my breath cut off. Before I avoided Facebook for five days, because I was too scared of what I was going to find on there. Before I felt the need to spend every lunchtime in the Graphics room. Before I felt sick whenever I got a text. It's not like I'm bullied, hounded at every corner. It's not like I fear for my life. Hell, I've already undergone social death. No, it's more like...I miss being able to look my best friend in the eye, I miss being able to do what I want, and screw the consequences. I miss being so happy my feet don't touch the ground.

But hey, bitches. Guess nostalgia makes me repetative too, huh?


I'm fully aware of the way I just spelt 'holiday'. No comments, please.
IYAAAA GUYSSSSSS!!! I'm officially off now, no more school for the next eighteen days! And I'm really looking forward to the break. I mean sure, I'll have to fill it with some amount of revision for my six (SIX?! I CAN'T EVEN COUNT THAT HIGH) upcoming exams, in the summer. But I'm looking forward to it, not least because for the next nearly-three weeks, I can eschew with a firm hand anyone who's been making me miserable for the last month or so. Consider yourself eschewed, guys. Hahahahaha. Who's laughing now?! But, I digress (Easter digression? Do I win an easter egg?!), with the fact that I've already written a post about the haters (thank you for all the love on that!) and I don't care anymore! I thought I'd better write a brief (hahahaha brief) update to balance out all the nonsensical tweets I've been...well, er, Tweeting...in the past week or so. And that's because I've re-discovered Twitter!! Ah, sure, I post my blog posts on there, but I'll let you into a secret my friends, my dear ovely friend-folk...I cheat! I've cleverly linked my Facebook blog page (The Wisdom Of Beth...LIKE IT!!!) to my Twitter account (@WisdomOfBeth...recurring theme here?!) which I've also linked to my Facebook profile. This means that within literally about a second, I can post a link to my most recent update on here (this lovely, doolally thing), which gets transferred to Twitter, which gets transferred to my actual Facebook profile! Magic! This also means that none of my regulars have an excuse for not liking my page, or keeping up-to-date with my blog, because I span all three now. All the time. So ha.

Firstly, I was thinking vaguely about shutting down my social Facebook account, and just moving on to Twitter. The merits to this action, would be in paticular that I could cut down on the number of arguements I was having per day (about 2.4...the average number of children), as well as avoiding the things I don't want to see when I go on Facebook! Twitter's also much more grown-up (or should I say mature...), and everyone on there just seems less...petty. So, we'll see.
However, the downfall to my awesome plan of awesome, is that I would be seriously out of the loop. I would have to INTERACT with people at SCHOOL, FACE-TO-FACE, to find out the menial comings-and-goings of their lives. Also, I couldn't chat to a lot of people, as if I wanted to do that on Twitter, I'd have to find all my Facebook friends and follow them, or persuade them to get Twitter THEN follow them, if I wanted to chat. Which, of course, is what Facebook's for, not Twitter. But I'm switching networks soon, so maybe I'll just find a way round it. Gah, who knows!

Secondly, and this is something I want feeeeeeedback on please! A lot of my friends have YouTube channels, some of which are for showcasing talents (singing, movie-making, dancing), a couple of which are just so that they can get subscribers and subscribe to EVERYONE, and a few treat them as vlogs. Now vlogs, my lovely blogettes, are excactly like what I'm doing, here, right now. Blogging. But, in video-form. Bear with me...but, I think it could really take off. I could do a post on here, then record myself reading it, stick that on YouTube, and have ANOTHER jewel to add to my cyber-empire of Bethness. Give me feedback, because I think it'd be awesome to interact with you guys. HEY, I COULD EVEN DO A Q & A SESSION!! :O

Gah, the ideas.
Right, now I'm going to down approx. a metric ton of coffee, head to work and revise under the counter. S'laters, lovelies!

21 March, 2012

Jus' keyboard-poundin'

Alright guys, so hi. In many ways, this post is a massive thank you. Not only to my friends and family, for enduring me day after day, for giving me lovely stuff and making me cry with laughter, for making me the luckiest girl in the world, for deigning to reside in my overwhelming presence. Nope, this is a massive, HUGE thank you to all the bitches. All the 'haters'. Everyone who shouts at me on the bus, everyone who writes statuses about me, who publicly embarasses me, who, at one point, made me too scared to venture on to Facebook. And what I'm saying guys, is thank you so much, for making dread sink to the bottom of my stomach with a nauseating familiarity, every time my inbox proclaims (1). Thank you totally for making me walk into my Geography class half an hour late, to be faced with nameless laughing and made-up stories. Thank you massively, to everyone who shouts over me, and regard logic as a foreign being. Thank you entirely for making me distrust everyone, making me feel alone, and making me treat my school work as escapism. Thank you, because I know that now, if I can get through all the endless jibes, the name-calling, the refusal to see logic or my side of the story, the wasted lunchtimes, then I can survive ANYTHING IN MY LIFE. And you want to know why I'm writing a blog post about it? Well for one thing, my blog is the one place I can say what I really think, truly feel, without you idiots shouting me down. I can say whatever I like, and I can explain my side of the story should I choose to. THAT'S why I'm a ''keyboard-warrior''. Because I cannot be heard any other way. The second reason is because the six thousand+ pageviews, plus comments, emails, messages, Facebook Likes etc. let me know that the real loves of my life, the real reason I write this blog, I go to school, I stay being me, are on the other side of my monitor.
So a huge, great big effing THANK YOU, once again, to everyone who's boosting my Graphics grade no end, considering the fact that I've spent every single lunchtime in there for a week now.

Love you long time.

18 March, 2012

Quand je suis allé à Bayonne!

Dans mes vacances, je suis allé à Bayonne, en France! C'était de belles vacances, et nous (moi et ma famille) reviendrons, et bientôt! Bayonne est un ville dans le sud-ouest de la France, et quand je suis allé, il y avait quelque chose pour toute la famille. Par example, les sites d'intérêt inclus la Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, le Musée Bonnat (qui est la galerie meilleure dans le sud-ouest de la France...je pense que cette est vrai!), et le Gare de Bayonne. Quand je suis allé, nous avons découvert quelle le ville est célèbre pour sa cuisine...Bayonne a le jambon meilleur dans la monde! Nous sommes allés au Cafe Moka, quie est près de le Chateau Neuf. C'était un cafe petit, où la cuisine est moins chére que d'autres. Par example, pour le déjeuner j'ai eu un sandwich jambon, avec un petit bouteille de coca, qui était €4.50! Aussie en Bayonne, le ville est très joli, donc moi et ma famille est allé faire du promenade. Nous avons vu beaucoup des bars, des magasins (des magasins du vêtements, des supermarchés...), et deux bibliothéques. Il y avait aussi deux autre hôtels, à proximité de notre hôtel...mais, notre hôtel était le meilleure! Et finallement, pour moi le clou était le nuit finale...je suis allé à Le Club Six Quatre avec mes parents...mais, pas longtemps, car c'était un bar pour les adults!
Vous devez visiter Bayonne!!

1) Le prémier image...Le Club Six Quatre!

2) La deuxième image...la belle Cathédrale Sainte-Marie!

3) Et le troisième, la restaurant fantastique, le Cafe Moka!

07 March, 2012

Why do war?

Recently, there's been a lot of anti-war stories, in the good ole, trusty, reliable media. Also, being taught to us in school, there's the general consensus that war is bad; war is very bad, and if you support, or partake, or don't share the general view of, you are barbaric, uneducated etc. etc.
Now, I don't suppose there's any way to put war in a good light. Not, for that matter, would I ever want to; I think that most wars have a devastating effect on the country and people, not to mention the enormous impact it has on social, economic and environmental factors. However, I would love people to have a little bit more faith in the leaders of our world than demanding a war because it's fun. Bloodshed, explosions and national or international wreckage are good fun to watch? I don't think so. I hate to shock everyone, but WAKE UP. War is a necessary evil. It may not be pretty, or moral, or halfway decent to entertain thoughts about...but, it's there. It's around. IT HAPPENS. And I hate all these sanctimonious people who think parading around at national events with stupid signs, or posting statuses about things that are occuring, think that it's going to change everything. An occurance, whilst not altogether natural but certainly familiar, is hundreds of years old! I watched a YouTube video earlier (at least, I did until I heard this next phrase), where a man was holding some kind of ridiculous seminar. From his lips, the phrase, ''Who AREN'T you to stop war?'' was uttered, to scores of cheers and much celebration. If I were there, I would've punched him. Who aren't we to stop wars? So, what does that imply, that if we were a little bit more proactive, then these wars, conflict that has cost millions upon millions of pounds, dollars, euros, yen, whatever you want to use...this idiotic, dillusioned man is proclaiming that if we spoke to each-other and adressed the topic of war, and if we posted a couple of statuses with links to sites about stopping fighting, then it would just magically go away? To that, I simply say, grow up.

03 March, 2012

The musical stylings of White House!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! So, upon browsing Facebook this evening, I came across a video. Basically, a hastily recording of my friend's band, doing a cover version of 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' by Arctic Monkeys. Even though I don't like the original, this is one of a few covers that I'd actually say beat the original, by far. The bandmates are all pretty cool, and they don't take themselves too seriously, which is a huge thumbs-up. All of them are funny, and really talented; if they stick with this, I think they might just go pretty far. Below is a link to the video on Facebook, although I'm not sure if you'll be able to access it.

And for the record,
Alex- Bassist,
George- Drums and
David- Guitar and Vocals.

Really nice guys, all of them. Watch, rate, vote, contact, whatever. Just share the love!