31 March, 2012


I'm fully aware of the way I just spelt 'holiday'. No comments, please.
IYAAAA GUYSSSSSS!!! I'm officially off now, no more school for the next eighteen days! And I'm really looking forward to the break. I mean sure, I'll have to fill it with some amount of revision for my six (SIX?! I CAN'T EVEN COUNT THAT HIGH) upcoming exams, in the summer. But I'm looking forward to it, not least because for the next nearly-three weeks, I can eschew with a firm hand anyone who's been making me miserable for the last month or so. Consider yourself eschewed, guys. Hahahahaha. Who's laughing now?! But, I digress (Easter digression? Do I win an easter egg?!), with the fact that I've already written a post about the haters (thank you for all the love on that!) and I don't care anymore! I thought I'd better write a brief (hahahaha brief) update to balance out all the nonsensical tweets I've been...well, er, Tweeting...in the past week or so. And that's because I've re-discovered Twitter!! Ah, sure, I post my blog posts on there, but I'll let you into a secret my friends, my dear ovely friend-folk...I cheat! I've cleverly linked my Facebook blog page (The Wisdom Of Beth...LIKE IT!!!) to my Twitter account (@WisdomOfBeth...recurring theme here?!) which I've also linked to my Facebook profile. This means that within literally about a second, I can post a link to my most recent update on here (this lovely, doolally thing), which gets transferred to Twitter, which gets transferred to my actual Facebook profile! Magic! This also means that none of my regulars have an excuse for not liking my page, or keeping up-to-date with my blog, because I span all three now. All the time. So ha.

Firstly, I was thinking vaguely about shutting down my social Facebook account, and just moving on to Twitter. The merits to this action, would be in paticular that I could cut down on the number of arguements I was having per day (about 2.4...the average number of children), as well as avoiding the things I don't want to see when I go on Facebook! Twitter's also much more grown-up (or should I say mature...), and everyone on there just seems less...petty. So, we'll see.
However, the downfall to my awesome plan of awesome, is that I would be seriously out of the loop. I would have to INTERACT with people at SCHOOL, FACE-TO-FACE, to find out the menial comings-and-goings of their lives. Also, I couldn't chat to a lot of people, as if I wanted to do that on Twitter, I'd have to find all my Facebook friends and follow them, or persuade them to get Twitter THEN follow them, if I wanted to chat. Which, of course, is what Facebook's for, not Twitter. But I'm switching networks soon, so maybe I'll just find a way round it. Gah, who knows!

Secondly, and this is something I want feeeeeeedback on please! A lot of my friends have YouTube channels, some of which are for showcasing talents (singing, movie-making, dancing), a couple of which are just so that they can get subscribers and subscribe to EVERYONE, and a few treat them as vlogs. Now vlogs, my lovely blogettes, are excactly like what I'm doing, here, right now. Blogging. But, in video-form. Bear with me...but, I think it could really take off. I could do a post on here, then record myself reading it, stick that on YouTube, and have ANOTHER jewel to add to my cyber-empire of Bethness. Give me feedback, because I think it'd be awesome to interact with you guys. HEY, I COULD EVEN DO A Q & A SESSION!! :O

Gah, the ideas.
Right, now I'm going to down approx. a metric ton of coffee, head to work and revise under the counter. S'laters, lovelies!

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