21 March, 2012

Jus' keyboard-poundin'

Alright guys, so hi. In many ways, this post is a massive thank you. Not only to my friends and family, for enduring me day after day, for giving me lovely stuff and making me cry with laughter, for making me the luckiest girl in the world, for deigning to reside in my overwhelming presence. Nope, this is a massive, HUGE thank you to all the bitches. All the 'haters'. Everyone who shouts at me on the bus, everyone who writes statuses about me, who publicly embarasses me, who, at one point, made me too scared to venture on to Facebook. And what I'm saying guys, is thank you so much, for making dread sink to the bottom of my stomach with a nauseating familiarity, every time my inbox proclaims (1). Thank you totally for making me walk into my Geography class half an hour late, to be faced with nameless laughing and made-up stories. Thank you massively, to everyone who shouts over me, and regard logic as a foreign being. Thank you entirely for making me distrust everyone, making me feel alone, and making me treat my school work as escapism. Thank you, because I know that now, if I can get through all the endless jibes, the name-calling, the refusal to see logic or my side of the story, the wasted lunchtimes, then I can survive ANYTHING IN MY LIFE. And you want to know why I'm writing a blog post about it? Well for one thing, my blog is the one place I can say what I really think, truly feel, without you idiots shouting me down. I can say whatever I like, and I can explain my side of the story should I choose to. THAT'S why I'm a ''keyboard-warrior''. Because I cannot be heard any other way. The second reason is because the six thousand+ pageviews, plus comments, emails, messages, Facebook Likes etc. let me know that the real loves of my life, the real reason I write this blog, I go to school, I stay being me, are on the other side of my monitor.
So a huge, great big effing THANK YOU, once again, to everyone who's boosting my Graphics grade no end, considering the fact that I've spent every single lunchtime in there for a week now.

Love you long time.


  1. I bet you couldn't survive an arrow to the knee...

    1. I'm Chuck Norris, I can survive anything. Although the word 'survival' implies a chance of dying. Chuck Norris does not die.

  2. You, darling, have been through lots and i'm SO glad to see that you have come through it all with a smiling face and a large middle finger raised in the face of the ne'er do wells that have put you down. Keep smiling girl, and there will be nothing you can't do. As you once told a certain bisexual friend of yours, "don't let the cunts bring you down"