07 March, 2012

Why do war?

Recently, there's been a lot of anti-war stories, in the good ole, trusty, reliable media. Also, being taught to us in school, there's the general consensus that war is bad; war is very bad, and if you support, or partake, or don't share the general view of, you are barbaric, uneducated etc. etc.
Now, I don't suppose there's any way to put war in a good light. Not, for that matter, would I ever want to; I think that most wars have a devastating effect on the country and people, not to mention the enormous impact it has on social, economic and environmental factors. However, I would love people to have a little bit more faith in the leaders of our world than demanding a war because it's fun. Bloodshed, explosions and national or international wreckage are good fun to watch? I don't think so. I hate to shock everyone, but WAKE UP. War is a necessary evil. It may not be pretty, or moral, or halfway decent to entertain thoughts about...but, it's there. It's around. IT HAPPENS. And I hate all these sanctimonious people who think parading around at national events with stupid signs, or posting statuses about things that are occuring, think that it's going to change everything. An occurance, whilst not altogether natural but certainly familiar, is hundreds of years old! I watched a YouTube video earlier (at least, I did until I heard this next phrase), where a man was holding some kind of ridiculous seminar. From his lips, the phrase, ''Who AREN'T you to stop war?'' was uttered, to scores of cheers and much celebration. If I were there, I would've punched him. Who aren't we to stop wars? So, what does that imply, that if we were a little bit more proactive, then these wars, conflict that has cost millions upon millions of pounds, dollars, euros, yen, whatever you want to use...this idiotic, dillusioned man is proclaiming that if we spoke to each-other and adressed the topic of war, and if we posted a couple of statuses with links to sites about stopping fighting, then it would just magically go away? To that, I simply say, grow up.

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