09 April, 2012

Eyes backwards.

For my 14th birthday, I went with my Mum and her friend to the Hammersmith Apollo in Laaarnndarn, on Monday the 8th November to go and see Eliza Doolittle and Paloma Faith in concert. Apoplectic with excitement, as it was only my second gig and Paloma Faith was MYFAVOURITEARTISTINTHEWORLDEVEROK?!, I couldn't stop bouncing, and took the three hours' standing as NOTHING in my stride. And rightly, as it was an amazing gig, and I had such a fantastic time WITH MY MUM!! Eliza was fantastic, and made us all laugh; she was only sixteen at the time, and I remember being so amazed that such a huge voice could come from such a young girl! But she was amazing, and had us all enraptured for a good half hour at least.

Then there was the half hour wait, during which time all the house lights kept going down, as did the hum from the audience, and thenc oming back on again, to get us all geared up for the performance. And it. Was. Amazing.

Paloma Faith sings with such passion and honesty that it's hard to tear your eyes away for even a second. She played all my favourites, including a fantastic, uproarious cover version of 'F*** You' by Cee-Lo Green, which was done brilliantly.

But that's not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post is not to write a review of a gig that happened a year and a half ago. This is a testimony to Paloma Faith's ex-bassist-turned-performer, Seye Adelekan!

Seye (Eyes spelt backwards) is twenty years old, and has already been the guitarist for Paloma, as well as the band The Noisettes, and Ellie Goulding. His brother is Bgnega, from the band Metronomy, and his new music has already been played by Rob Da Bank and Huw Stephens. A link for his track 'Mexicana Bounce' is included below;
and had me singing along literally within one replay of the song. He's also recently released 'White Noise', which has had an average rating of 9 from NME; this is truly well-deserved though, because Seye is just the kind of artist you can see yourself playing over and over, and not getting tired. I think the main thing that makes him so, well...listenable, is the amount of layering that goes in to his music. For example, you have the easy lyrics, catchy words that have you repeating him effortlessly by the second or third play. It's the perfect blend of tried-and-tested song structure, mixed with the irresistable, bubbly feel of a place different to where you are. Mexicana Bounce is my new favourite thing, because the video is so HAPPY, and matches the song, and what I hope to be Seye's personality so, so well.

To conclude, listen to him. He's fantastic, and has accomplished so much in the last couple of years. MARK MY WORDS; Seye Adelekan will be H-YOW-GE. And remember, you heard it here first ;D

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