26 April, 2012

Get your social networking right, morons!

Hello!! This is just a verrrry quick post to let off a bit of steam, and it's being done from my phone so I do apologise for any preposterous spelling atrocities, courtesy of my lovely AutoCorrect-type-thingy. Why not disable it, I hear you cry?! Millions cried out...sorry, what? Ya whatwhat? Well, the answer unfortunately is once again my laziness. Yes, folks, and don't claim to be surprised. You know how lazy I am, and you don't even know me! And the reason I don't disable autocorrect is because I like the fact that it periodically changes my incorrect lower case musings, and I don't think I could be as fantastically eloquent as I am without it. No, that's a lie becausex as I'm sure you've gathered by now, I don't spell check this old thing, and all my posts until now have been done on a computer somehow, somewhere. Times a-changin'! But yes, the reason you're all gathered here, at your collective computers about the world, most probably, as I AM now famous. (yes, I fully consider 7,000 page views to constitute as Internet blogger fame. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!) the reason I've requested my extended worldly family's presence is simply because I want to moan about facebook and twitter. I've been on twitter for little under two years now, and I got it BEFORE Facebook, and primarily for my blog promotion as well. Now? Everyone I know has twitter because they can! They clearl misunderstand, unlike the other however many billion (probably...) users, and have mistaken twitter for another version d Facebook. I'm fyig to shout toast of these people that the reason they have soapy follower is because they're socially popular, at school. It' the rough equivalent to having 1,000 friend on Facebook. But I'd much rather have 1,000 twitter followers, because unknown that's only for my blog, not for my FACE or my bitchy tweets. I caught someon on there saying, "tweet me a number and I'll write something!". Well, no. That's for facebook, you douche. You complete moron, how dare you sully MY twitter, MY world, with your stupid social climbing desperation?! Don't you dare get Twitter just becaus you're ores of Facebook, like my entire school did, any of you. Or you'll be banned from me and my wisdom forthwith. EEEEEEEJITS!!!

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