16 April, 2012

I'm obviously not ''fashionabible''...

Yes, again as with regards to the title, I KNOW I've included extra letters, but it makes the word so much more fun to say. Same goes to responsibible, sensibible, terribible and the rest. It's fantastic; just one of those little things you can slip into a conversation, that make people stop and go, ''Wait- what??'' about five minutes later. Something small to bring a smile to my face, you know how it is.
That brings me on to an anecdote, before the actual point of this post (my, my, Beth, aren't we excelling today...), that was recently rehashed over a bottle of gin amongst my parents, their friends and me. It sounds so boring, but it's actually times like this when I love being me, and living my life. It's fantastic.
But anyway! The anecdote, dear hearts!
My Dad's friend was job-hunting a while back, and typing up his CV (incedentally, just written my very own and first CV for a job of a shop assistant! Wish me luck!) he distributed it etc. etc. as you do. It was only when he re-read it that he discovered under his profile, the word 'determinated'. Now, being as I am, grammatically-inclined, should I say, I noticed the apparent hilarity of this straight away, and proceded to laugh, muchly. And the next thing he said (in real-life, over the gin bottle, not in his CV) was that, looking us dead in the eye, it was 'perfectly cromulent' to use that word. Cromulent isn't a word either, but how many of you actually knew that before I told you? How fantastic is that?! It's brilliant. Just a silly little manipulation of the English language, or a glorious invention slipped subtly into a conversation...gah! It's just fantastic.

Now, moving on to the title-point (I should really patent that, it's a very good phrase. Yet more word-manipulation!). I suppose we've all noticed the Kony2012 campaign spreading rapidly over Twitter, Facebook and even the news to an extent (how sad is it that I'm surprised a piece of news is actually on the news, and yet perfectly accepting of it on social networks?), and probably the way it's been affecting people around us. I certainly do; a lot of people I know are partaking (allegedly...) in 'Cover The Night' projects next Friday, of literally skipping through Newbury town and papering it between the hours of 6:30pm and 6:30am with posters, leaflets and banners. I've been invited to several such events, and haven't responded, purely to gain this information and thus the level of stupidity rising. It's dangerous, you see...you can actually 'catch' stupid. But anyway. I'm not going to divulge to those of you who are unaware of this campaign, but what I will give you is a massive cookie for not actually caring enough to see anything about it, or just by sheer coincedence avoiding everything to do with our old pal Kony.
You see, I disagree. This is the point where everyone gets up in arms, 'How can you not care about the sake of 10,000 Ugandan children?!', 'It'd be different if it was you being kidnapped' etc. etc. And, here's the thing; I tend to get severely UNresponsive when people jump down my throats, so, sit down and let me explain. The thing is, Kony's actions have been happening for 20+ years now, and the reason it's only just hit the news over here, and thus everyone's consciences, is because a (very corrupt) charity called Invisible Children made a 30-minute long video which, for some reason went very viral (can I say that? It's cromulent...) very quickly. And thus everyone on Facebook is now filled with self-righteous indignation of the, 'He's so mean', 'I can't believe he's been allowed to get away with this' and 'Think of the children' variety...this is manifested in statuses, mostly.
Now, as I'm on the side of the opposition, the side that believes that, actually, a status or two isn't going to put a stop to 20 years' worth of terror, and that the people in POWER are actually dealing with it, and given their positions, salaries and reputations, probably know what they're talking about...you never know, the higher authority might just have a couple of ideas up their political wizard sleeves.
Unfortunately, for me and several others, our continued resistance (read 'pig-headedness') to the righteous causes of awesome has rendered us the target of many a campaign, many a Facebook slating. And so, I'm just wondering, when did an opinion become fashionable? When did it become 'cool' to agree with everyone, and to join them in their own personal stands? This isn't right; it should be 'cool' to be able to back up your argument, which is excactly what my friends and I were NOT allowed to do. So, we sat back and we proceeded to make jokes about the situation instead. If people weren't going to listen to us, we weren't going to humour them by taking their ridiculous sanctimony seriously.

That was a good few weeks back, and with the Cover The Night date fast approaching (20th-21st April- next Friday and Saturday for those of you chillin' in the GMT with my good self), I'm just wondering now what's going to happen; see, all the people that were motivated by their right-on indignity haven't spoken, nay, whispered, of Kony for weeks now. It was literally one night, during which Facebook blazed with awesome. So, when they all suddenly jump up again, in all their glory, I will have no choice but to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. It's all you can do, when everyone around you refuses to listen to logic.

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  1. i found this, very readabible.