16 April, 2012

Just gigging along...

In my lifetime, I've been to six gigs, which is pretty pathetic.
They are as follows;
2008- Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures.
2010- Eliza Doolittle, Paloma Faith.
2011- Mayday Parade, Blitz Kids, A Rocket To The Moon, We Are The In Crowd/Blessing To A Burden/2x independant gigs.
This year, I've made plans to go to at least two more gigs, Friends with the magical Mawhinney in Birmingham next month, and Blink-182, Four Year Strong and You Me @ Six in June with a friend. These are really pulling me through at the moment, there's nothing quite like the feverish excitement of gigging.
For example, I'm hoping most of you know by now that at least a quarter of the excitement of a night out, be it a party, a club or a gig, is getting ready. This applies to boys as well as girls, it's not just chicks that shower and do their hair before making a public appearence. But you know how it is; you spend a couple of hours showering, doing hair and make-up, getting clothes, probably doing all this with a friend. And as you go, you're listening to music, most likely some sort of 'dance mix', or maybe an artists' playlist if you're going to see them live. And you're dancing, singing, getting excited. IT'S AWESOME.
There's the social aspect; having a mini-party as you get ready with friends, the weeks leading up to the event when you're getting organised and, certainly in my case, it's all you can talk about.
And then there's the actual experience. Of getting into the gig, of seeing all these people jumping as one, and shouting at each-other to be heard, or the palpable excitement of the crowd when the house lights go down once more...the way you all cheer and dance and jump together, everyone looking beautiful and feverish and excited by the music. There's such an amazing feeling of total unity when you're jumping and waving, and I hate to say it, but it's love. There's so much love there, because it's hard to hate people when you're so close to them your sweat's getting mixed up. Yeah, it's gross, but it's bonding!

My advice is, go to as maaaaaaaaaany gigs as you possibly can. Honestly, just grab a ticket off the internet, or off a friend if you can blag one. If it's someone you've never heard of (which is often better, because you don't know what to expect, and if it's an Unknown, the tickets are quite a bit cheaper than the big guys) then strive to get there. Work up your own delirium, it's so worth it to get there and see everyone go crazy.
Do it! My aim is to go to 100+ gigs in my lifetime, and I will achieve it. I promise.

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