09 April, 2012

Mawhinney's magic!

Hey guys, bored of me yet? Haha, I can't tell you how strange it is to be typing on a normal keyboard again, I've pretty much been living from my phone for the past three days or so, I'm in love!! I don't know about you horrible lot, but I've had a brilliant weekend; nothing better than spending Easter amongst family and friends, with lots of chocolate, amazing food and just a smidgeon of the ole' alcoholic beverages...FANTASTIC!

The main reason for writing (because yes, I do have a point to this...) is to let you guys know abut a friend of mine. Well, I hope I can call him a friend...but anyway. So, my fantastic friend Mr. Mawhinney is a fellow blogger of mine (find him at http://oliver-mawhinney.blogspot.com, but not for much longer!!) is breaking away from Blogspot, believe it or not! We first 'met' over Twitter, bonded by our mutual love for Seye Adelekan (@SeyeMusic on Twitter) (look out for a post about him soon!), and from there, it just grew! We followed each-other, read and liked each-other's blogs etc. etc. and here we are! Then on Friday night, I was presented with a 'blogging opportunity' by none other than Mr. Mawhinney, who's starting up his very own website! I was asked, amongst others, to be a writer on said website, in return for links to this old thing, and hopefully increased pageviews and recognition.

The site launches at 8:30pm tonight, and no doubt I'll be plastering the link over here, Twitter and Facebook, so keep an eye out! Please do visit it, as knowing Mawhinney as I do (albeit in a cyber fashion, but nonetheless!) it'll be a fantastic website!

That's not to say this lovely thing will be being neglected, as I don't think anthing could encourage me to write, more than being touted as a 'writer' for a big website, and being given my own writer's profile! :O

I am speechless with excitement.

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