09 April, 2012


I fail to see how it could have escaped your notice, regulars, but I'm now a member of a team! A WRITING TEAM. On an actual, actual real website ting. It's aaaaaawesome. Here's the link;
And again;
So, go and visit it. It's a fantastic site, put together by the magical Mawhinney and the delightful...dapper (?) James Dowen! The talent by these boys, as well as the fourth writer, Jamie ''Jams'', is astounding, and not to big myself up or nothing (hehehe) but I think that the four of us certainly have the type of dedication to really get this website off the ground; the addition of more writers can only be a good thing!
Please, please, please visit the site; it's fantastically put together, there's already so much content on it, and something for literally everyone. And we're looking for more writers, so if you fancy it, apply! It will be amaaaaaaazing!!!
If you have any questions, you can always Tweet any one of us, including the administrator(s) of the actual site, or of course, email the Topicalise address, or just stick a comment down below.
Our twitter addresses are as follows;
The magical Mawhinney- @Olly_96
The dapper Dowen- @J_Dowen
The 'j'enius James- @jams1999
*NB: sorry for the poor alliteration of the last address; will think of a better one in due course!*
Or, of course, me!
The brilliant Beth- @WisdomOfBeth
AND, last but not least,
The 'totally magical/dapper/'j'enius/brilliant' Topicalise- @TOPICALISE

I think I can speak for all of us when I say we'd love to hear from you!
G'night, regleeeeurs.

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