04 April, 2012


Happily, being the proud owner of Twitter and Facebook pages for my blog, both with comfortable ratings of more than 3 people in terms of popularity, I can look at branching out, or to paraphrase my last post, adding another jewel in my empire of Beth-ness, or some such whimsy. SO, as also mentioned in the previous post (why are you even reading this one? Clearly the last post has all the information you need to know...), I was looking into the idea of vlogging.

Vlogging is a portmanteau (French for, 'word child') of the words 'video' and 'blogging'; essentially, a blog, therefore a further extension of WR, but in video format. This means that I'd still be blogging on this ole' thing *pats affectionately*, but I'd also be adding vlog posts to a YouTube channel.

I think it'd definitely be something to consider, because then you lovely readers could leave me video responses and you know how this chica right here is all up in the grill of Communication...I think that starting a channel on YouTube could really be beneficial. A couple of my friends from school are on Twitter, with over 500 followers, purely because they post videos on their channels, so the viewers get to see the real person.

It also means you can see how fantastically funny I am, finally put a name and a voice to all my inane ramblings, and probably laugh at all my bloopers. I shall make bloopers.

Also, as another idea for a fresh take on TWOB's EMPIREEEEEEE (fantastic. Do I get minions with that?), please feel free to ask me some questions!! Facebook (The Wisdom Of Beth 'fictional character), Twitter (@WisdomOfBeth 'Beth Parker- be interesting and be interested') and, of course, here, are all available, so leave some queries in the comment box down yonder, and I'll hopefully be able to add an FAQ PAGE SOON!! Gah, I've ALWAYS wanted one of those. It's like I'm interesting enough for someone to enquire, or some such.

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