26 May, 2012

None of you sent me Red Cross parcels.

Clearly instead of anything else my aim is now to post MONTHLY. MONTHLY I ASK YOU?! I can't even count that in days!! I have a reason, but not an excuse; exams. In the past week and two days I've had five GCSE exams, y'know, the big, scary ones where you're sat down and you get penalised for turning around? Ohhhh yeahhh. But this really isn't an excuse because, although I have been working really rather hard for my grades, my friend Mawhinney has effortlessly managed to keep his (bigger, more important...) website running Emily, and I haven't done anything No for it onus church a long time...so after I've finished grovelling, I'll be sure to write a new review on. And I found yesterday. Hmmmmmm!!! So, let me break it down for you...last Thursday marked the start of this period of hell, kicking off with RE. As we know, RE is a very black and white subject...to get the grades, just renounce your sins and worship Christ Jesus. So, that was fine. No surprises, vey predictable, everything I'd studied for. What I didn't bank on, however, was my hand inexplicably turning to lead halfway through the exam, until I managed to twitch it back into this world, like Uma Thurman in the first Kill Bill (OOOOHHHH, LITTLE TARANTINO REFERENCE SLIPPED RIGHT IN THERE). Friday was French Oral, in which I forgot how to speak, French or otherwise, but in the end that was fine too. Monday of this week was my second Biology exam, which I had to spend all weekend preparing for, as my far rarely beloved teacher had neglected to mention that he forgot to teach us HALF THE COURSE. Tuesday was English, and again with the lead-handedness, and Thursday was Chemistry! (one word...hrrrngghhh...) And to top it off, I've still got Physics remaining, as well as a week of MOCK EXAMS THAT THE SCHOOL DEIGNED FIT TO WASTE OUR PRECIOUS COURSEWORK TIME WITH, TO 'PREPARE US FOR NEXT YEAR'. I DON'T NEED PREPARATION, YOU SONOFABITCH, I'VE BEEN TO 'NAAM, I'VE SEEN IT AND IT AIN'T PRETTY, SWEETHEART. But anyway, I finally took yesterday off as I've had a bit of a cold all week, that just clung. On. Mercilessly. And that was really nice. I did send out a twitter appeal though, asking for red cross parcels, and this is where my apologies stop, because you cold, soulless people callously ignored me! How very dare you! So, until I can next find the time or the inclination, or a potent combination thereof, I'll leave you with a plea of patience and understanding, as I try and prioritise my world. LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOVEEEEEEE YOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!

07 May, 2012

The ludicrous nature of my GCSE's.

Hey. So, I'm inwardly cringing on my shoddy level of postation (yep, that's what that was just right then), as well as the number of pageviews not having passed much beyond that of about three or four weeks ago. It's just so DIFFICULT sometimes; not that I'm not saying you guys aren't worth it, but I don't understand how I can have so much to do and end up doing nothing important, or of any real value, like my blog. And it's annoying, because I'm constantly scoping out new things to moan about, and then forgetting them! I will admit though, since I got my new phone, my laptop has been slightly superfluous- that's only because going on my laptop --> going on Facebook --> getting annoyed at people's stupidity --> getting no work done, which is why it's been put away. My phone is easier to disregard. But anyway, bear with me as my next onslaught of anger comes hurtling down the cyberspace to greet you guys, facially.

Last Tuesday, I had my parent's evening at school, which is essentially where my parents get press-ganged into spending ludicrous amounts of time amongst people we all secretly hate, and teachers that drive us insane. It's all eventually for the greater good- my progress, my mental stability etc. etc. so it's not all bad, but the time we have to spend there is still a massive downer on the REST OF OUR LIVES.
But anyway. All of my classmates consistantly joke that in certain lessons (English, Art and R.E in particular), I have a penchant for ''arguing my way out of a GCSE''. What they mean by this is my mawkish ability to question the assigned task thrown at us carelessly, to adress such burning issues as, ''Why are we being graded on interpretation/our own opinion/our personal responses? Surely that's a deathtrap, ending in either reaping full marks for having the ''right'' opinion (in this case, a fantastically whimsical ideal, sociality p.o.v), or getting downgraded for thinking the wrong thing faster than you can say ''I heart capitalism''. I mean, I just don't understand how seeing it from the commoner's side of the story is going to help me in later life'', or words roughly to that effect. See, I love politics. I love arguing with everyone and anyone stupid enough to question my responsibilites, my intentions and my personal preferences in the face of Science and Religion. And I've always, always, always said, time and time again, that I will willingly accept anyone who can fully demonstrate to me their intentions; for example, I'd readily take a member of the KKK out for a slap-up meal if we were going to discuss policies, and his own personal motivation for the cause. Or, okay, another example- racist white pressure groups not being the best demonstrative example, as I am a little white girl. How about meeting Ed Milliband, or even ole' Gordon or Tony if I wanted a giggle. I'd happily sit through their excrutiating excuses and 'reasons' if it meant they were explaining fully to me why they did, thought, said what they did, thought, said.

The convoluted point of all this is that I love everything to do with politics- I may seem very close-minded on teh interwebz, but I'm in fact the polar opposite. I take a great interest in the world around me, and find nothing more compelling than seeing a public arguement between two oppositions.
However, something I don't agree with is the sneaky intergration of politics into my education. MY EDUCATION. Forgive me when I say that I take strongly against being taught off the bat that WMD and abortions are WRONG, you're a SAINT if you follow the Green Peace movement, and this ridicuous notion of red-collar learning. Yep, that's right, I even detest being taught to become a doctor or a lawyer straight on my very first day. When I grow up, and have children, I will give them my opinions, I will tell them why I think and do what I think and do, but I will always give them the whole story, like my parents did to me, and like their parents did to them. And do you know why?

Because if I didn't do that, I would be just the same as every other filthy, thieving, low-down hypocrite walking this sweet Earth, and telling us, the next generation, lies about how the world is.
I just thank God I realised it, and can now sleep through this poisionous whimsy in class.