20 July, 2012

A wild Year Review appeared!

What better way to celebrate the end of a long, painful, hilarious year than toasting bitter on a field in the sunset? I can't think of one. It was also an opportunity to assess which of my 'friends' I actually want to acknowledge, and be acknowledged by this summer. So far, the count is about five. That's pitiful. The main reason is, and I hope you guys are reading this, because it's for you! The main reason is because a lot of people have treated me this year in a childish, pointless, mean and bitchy way. And I don't want to be around that for a second longer than I have to, so I do apologise if this comes as a shock to any of you, especially the ones who have taken to RECENTLY ignoring me, now that circumstance is hilarious. I can't imagine why you'd want to talk to me anyway, since I'm so untrustworthy and whatnot. Oh man am I glad to get away. But yeah, breakdown. The good: Parties that I've been invited to this year, entering new relationships, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, making new friends, starting afresh, surprising myself with a few good GSCE grades, getting better in Art, being crazy-busy in school, dancing, CCF, dyeing the ends of my hair successfully blue, the ongoing search for my sixteenth birthday present (a leather jacket), founding a new school campaign, GRAPHICS, discovering new hobbies, becoming a writer for two websites, my blog overall going from strength to strength, drinking more, finding a new style and WORKING IT! The bad: Ending a long relationship, the subsequent fallout following the ending of said relationship, losing friends, remembering difficult things, my school sadly losing a beautiful girl, being forgotten about, not being well, dyeing the ends of my hair unsuccessfully orange, having to prioritise my activities with my coursework when it got too much, being lonely, getting ill from being stressed, being constantly TIRED, getting one or two hideous grades, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, making general mistakes, getting awful teachers, dealing with pregnancy scares from 'friends'. The ugly: The way I've been treated by people I thought I loved, washing drink-induced vomit out of a strange girl's hair at a Hallowe'en party, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, the guilt I felt at not posting regularly for you guys! But basically, I'm going away for the summer, with my Stargirl in one pocket and my hit list in the other. I'll be a different person by September; my room will be organised, my attitude towards education will (hopefully) be different, my hair will be longer and sun-bleached and in hideous condition (the ends) from blue dip-dyeing, and in fantastic condition (the rest of it) from the salt-water, I'll be able to surf better, I'll have reprioritised over the six weeks, and I'll be happier having had a break from everyone I can't stand. Oh, and a comprehensive education in all three Lord Of The Rings films. Feelin' good, amigos. Happy tanning! SUMMER MONTAGE FOR E'RYONE!!!


I came home yesterday to find a rectangular jiffy-bag on the sofa WITH MY NAME ON IT. After this happened, I regained consciousness. So I opened it to find a book with a neon-pink cover on the front, nothing on it except an iridescent silver stick-girl with a scribbly star above. Interest piqued IMMEDIATELY. I turned it over to find a blurb and the usual choice quotes from various big papers. I decided not to read the blurb (LIVING ON ZE EDGE!!!) and just dive straight in, but cracking open the front cover revealed an envelope with my name on it, and opening it produced a stiff white card. Written on the card in the familiar, looping writing of my beloved Auntie was a message to yours truly, explaining the book. It was recommended to me by her best friend, and so she sent it over for me to read. This became fully clear when I read it that evening; Stargirl is a story about a girl who joins a High School in Arizona, and is completely, mercifully, happily different. She plays a ukulele, she sings Happy Birthday to people she doesn't know. She has a pet rat named Cinnamon, and she has an 'enchanted place' in the desert. Unfortunately, the school didn't take to this refreshing burst of originality as well they might have done, and so the story ends with the disappearance of the elusive Stargirl. This ending brought me to tears. The book is relevant to me, because of what's going on at school. I'm not bullied, but I'm being wondrously ignored by people that I started the year with as best friends. And that's because I won't be who they want, I don't want to be someone who fits in to every single group. I do not want to be a person that is so busy pleasing people she doesn't know how to answer the question 'who are you?'. But more on that later. Basically, read this book. If you're different and feeling it, then read it. It will make you smile when she's accepted, and it'll make you fall when they reject her; you will be uplifted and outraged. But it's a good book. Conformity sucks.

16 July, 2012

15. New Artist of the Week: Lisa Hannigan

Every week at TOPICALISE we look at a new artist, you may or may not have heard of the artist, but the article will provide information on the artist as well as songs to check out and where to find out more. This week’s new artist of the week is Lisa Hannigan: Currently, the world of music is saturated with young, hopeful and indeed talented producers, singer-songwriters and the like, all based around a very electronic feel generally speaking. However, one of the reasons why this week's artist was chosen was to give a wider view of the music of today! TOPICALISE, being an up-to-date, fully informative website, aims to provide a well-rounded view of music and talent from all over the world, and what better place to start than Ireland? Dublin-born, 31-year-old Lisa Hannigan is County Meath's shining star; singer-songwriter and keen musician, Lisa was first brought to the forefront of our consciousness in 2002, having met and performed with Damien Rice the year previously in Dublin's Temple Bar. A year later, Lisa featured heavily on his album O, and thus began a 6-year collaboration between the two. Breaking away from the 'Rice Franchise' in early 2007, Hannigan then went on to persue a solo career, releasing her debut album 'Sea Sew' in 2008. As well as this, she supported singer Jason Mraz on his 42-date tour of the US in the same year. Most recently, Lisa's album 'Passengers', was released in October of last year, receiving wide acclaim from The Scotsman, The Irish Times and on 7digital, as well as being given 4/5 by entertainment.ie. Brought to our attention was the catchy, woodsy folk song 'What'll I do', a tuneful, upbeat hit with a video featuring the lovely red-cheeked, fresh-faced Hannigan swaying in time on a fairground ride to her music. The song, featured most recently on TOTP, was also uploaded on to YouTube in February of this year, and has nearly reached 1,000,000 views. Track to check out: What'll I do, and O Sleep featuring Ray LaMontagne Want to find out more about Lisa Hannigan: http://lisahannigan.ie, http://www.youtube.com/user/lisahannigan, http://www.myspace.com/lisahannigan

06 July, 2012

"Blink" and you'll miss it!

Ahhh. Open with a joke, always gets them on your side, Beth. *cringe* hey. Hello the, readers. Well, the three devotees that read this poor thing today. Y'kmow, I think we have established how utterly hopeless I am, and I'm SORRYYYYYYY!!! :( But yep. It was about a month ago now, nearly to the day, that my wonderful brother and father accompanied me to fair London town, to the O2 to go and see one of my very favouritest and bestest bands ever, Blink-182. Ooh, little bit retro. It was an amazing night, and I really shouldn't be attempting to review something that I spent most of the night dancing and crying uncontrollably (as far as both are concerned) at. And anyway, I have photos, a bracelet, a tshirt and a whooooole lot of memories to go with. Another thing about grown-up gigs that turn into concerts is that the support acts are pretty much as good as the headline acts...I mean, sure, there was a band we never heard of called Twin Atlantic who were on first, and yeah, they were a sprightly bunch! Their main support flowed readily from a group of rather inebriated fellows, looking entirely too old to be there actually, steadily swaying from side to side with tears pouring down their ruddy faces and dousing their already fraying polo-shirt collars. Ah well. Live and let live! By stark contrast though, we also had the All American Rejects (apparently flooding me on Twitter, chaps...I mean, the blue tick doesn't lie, does it?!) playing, and the adorable lead singer poured into his skinny jeans writhing on the sweaty stage at various points, and proclaiming in his sleazy Americaaaaaiiiin way that, "Oh, honey...[applying to a near-hysterical audience chick] you're just a baby!! Just a little baby!". Oh man. My kind of gig all over. Unfortunately, I can't say much else, other than to listen to Twin Atlantic, re-visit the AAR and look into purchasing or borrowing indefinitely a copy of 'Neighbourhoods' by my beloved Blink...you won't regret it. I will be posting more soon. I promise. I love you wisdomers. OH MY GOD, NEW NAME FOR MA READERS. COME BACK TO ME, BABIES, I GIVE YOU NICKNAAAAAAAMES! :(