20 July, 2012

A wild Year Review appeared!

What better way to celebrate the end of a long, painful, hilarious year than toasting bitter on a field in the sunset? I can't think of one. It was also an opportunity to assess which of my 'friends' I actually want to acknowledge, and be acknowledged by this summer. So far, the count is about five. That's pitiful. The main reason is, and I hope you guys are reading this, because it's for you! The main reason is because a lot of people have treated me this year in a childish, pointless, mean and bitchy way. And I don't want to be around that for a second longer than I have to, so I do apologise if this comes as a shock to any of you, especially the ones who have taken to RECENTLY ignoring me, now that circumstance is hilarious. I can't imagine why you'd want to talk to me anyway, since I'm so untrustworthy and whatnot. Oh man am I glad to get away. But yeah, breakdown. The good: Parties that I've been invited to this year, entering new relationships, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, making new friends, starting afresh, surprising myself with a few good GSCE grades, getting better in Art, being crazy-busy in school, dancing, CCF, dyeing the ends of my hair successfully blue, the ongoing search for my sixteenth birthday present (a leather jacket), founding a new school campaign, GRAPHICS, discovering new hobbies, becoming a writer for two websites, my blog overall going from strength to strength, drinking more, finding a new style and WORKING IT! The bad: Ending a long relationship, the subsequent fallout following the ending of said relationship, losing friends, remembering difficult things, my school sadly losing a beautiful girl, being forgotten about, not being well, dyeing the ends of my hair unsuccessfully orange, having to prioritise my activities with my coursework when it got too much, being lonely, getting ill from being stressed, being constantly TIRED, getting one or two hideous grades, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, making general mistakes, getting awful teachers, dealing with pregnancy scares from 'friends'. The ugly: The way I've been treated by people I thought I loved, washing drink-induced vomit out of a strange girl's hair at a Hallowe'en party, an unexpectedly life-changing ski trip in February, the guilt I felt at not posting regularly for you guys! But basically, I'm going away for the summer, with my Stargirl in one pocket and my hit list in the other. I'll be a different person by September; my room will be organised, my attitude towards education will (hopefully) be different, my hair will be longer and sun-bleached and in hideous condition (the ends) from blue dip-dyeing, and in fantastic condition (the rest of it) from the salt-water, I'll be able to surf better, I'll have reprioritised over the six weeks, and I'll be happier having had a break from everyone I can't stand. Oh, and a comprehensive education in all three Lord Of The Rings films. Feelin' good, amigos. Happy tanning! SUMMER MONTAGE FOR E'RYONE!!!

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