06 July, 2012

"Blink" and you'll miss it!

Ahhh. Open with a joke, always gets them on your side, Beth. *cringe* hey. Hello the, readers. Well, the three devotees that read this poor thing today. Y'kmow, I think we have established how utterly hopeless I am, and I'm SORRYYYYYYY!!! :( But yep. It was about a month ago now, nearly to the day, that my wonderful brother and father accompanied me to fair London town, to the O2 to go and see one of my very favouritest and bestest bands ever, Blink-182. Ooh, little bit retro. It was an amazing night, and I really shouldn't be attempting to review something that I spent most of the night dancing and crying uncontrollably (as far as both are concerned) at. And anyway, I have photos, a bracelet, a tshirt and a whooooole lot of memories to go with. Another thing about grown-up gigs that turn into concerts is that the support acts are pretty much as good as the headline acts...I mean, sure, there was a band we never heard of called Twin Atlantic who were on first, and yeah, they were a sprightly bunch! Their main support flowed readily from a group of rather inebriated fellows, looking entirely too old to be there actually, steadily swaying from side to side with tears pouring down their ruddy faces and dousing their already fraying polo-shirt collars. Ah well. Live and let live! By stark contrast though, we also had the All American Rejects (apparently flooding me on Twitter, chaps...I mean, the blue tick doesn't lie, does it?!) playing, and the adorable lead singer poured into his skinny jeans writhing on the sweaty stage at various points, and proclaiming in his sleazy Americaaaaaiiiin way that, "Oh, honey...[applying to a near-hysterical audience chick] you're just a baby!! Just a little baby!". Oh man. My kind of gig all over. Unfortunately, I can't say much else, other than to listen to Twin Atlantic, re-visit the AAR and look into purchasing or borrowing indefinitely a copy of 'Neighbourhoods' by my beloved Blink...you won't regret it. I will be posting more soon. I promise. I love you wisdomers. OH MY GOD, NEW NAME FOR MA READERS. COME BACK TO ME, BABIES, I GIVE YOU NICKNAAAAAAAMES! :(

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