20 July, 2012


I came home yesterday to find a rectangular jiffy-bag on the sofa WITH MY NAME ON IT. After this happened, I regained consciousness. So I opened it to find a book with a neon-pink cover on the front, nothing on it except an iridescent silver stick-girl with a scribbly star above. Interest piqued IMMEDIATELY. I turned it over to find a blurb and the usual choice quotes from various big papers. I decided not to read the blurb (LIVING ON ZE EDGE!!!) and just dive straight in, but cracking open the front cover revealed an envelope with my name on it, and opening it produced a stiff white card. Written on the card in the familiar, looping writing of my beloved Auntie was a message to yours truly, explaining the book. It was recommended to me by her best friend, and so she sent it over for me to read. This became fully clear when I read it that evening; Stargirl is a story about a girl who joins a High School in Arizona, and is completely, mercifully, happily different. She plays a ukulele, she sings Happy Birthday to people she doesn't know. She has a pet rat named Cinnamon, and she has an 'enchanted place' in the desert. Unfortunately, the school didn't take to this refreshing burst of originality as well they might have done, and so the story ends with the disappearance of the elusive Stargirl. This ending brought me to tears. The book is relevant to me, because of what's going on at school. I'm not bullied, but I'm being wondrously ignored by people that I started the year with as best friends. And that's because I won't be who they want, I don't want to be someone who fits in to every single group. I do not want to be a person that is so busy pleasing people she doesn't know how to answer the question 'who are you?'. But more on that later. Basically, read this book. If you're different and feeling it, then read it. It will make you smile when she's accepted, and it'll make you fall when they reject her; you will be uplifted and outraged. But it's a good book. Conformity sucks.


  1. I read Stargirl at the beginning of an unstable and terrifying year 8 and yes, it was inspiring, but also quite scary to me at the time. I marveled at the liberation this girl provided for the protagonist, and it worried me how much you can love someone and then lose them. I hoped that if I fell in love, it wouldn't be with someone so secretive, but I would be happy for it to be someone so internally stunning.

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