12 April, 2013

Here we go...

Since the death of Baronness Thatcher, the country seems awful divided. I'm sure you all know which side I'm on. The side that screamed abuse at those stupid, stupid people up North, being filmed dancing the day after her death was announced.
How many idiots used the excuse or the jokes that she was not human?
What is so human about laughing at someone's death?
What is so glorious and commendable about lame, old jokes?
Comedians, whose JOB IT IS TO BE FUNNY, astound me on Twitter with their pathetic, stupid little jokes.
I'm being burnt from the inside out with rage, because I know what she did for our country. I know, and that's because we're all living it today.
Never has there been such prosperity for a country as there was in the time of Mrs. Thatcher.
You all label her a 'monster', but aren't you the very same? Screeching about the
Injustices of your times when actually, the world chewed you up and spat you back out again as a pile of dangerously resentful human contradiction.
This is why I hate twitter, because it gives these morons a sounding board, a platform to broadcast their half-minded opinions. Never have I felt more angy and less powerless.
But I'm just a stupid Tory. What do I know?
Enough to change this godforsaken country. That's what.

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  1. Take this it's dangerous to go alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIxHckSb9Xo You'll need it for your epic Tory quest.